Beginner Long Arm Tutorials

These are the YouTube tutorials that I referred to again and again as I learned to use my first APQS long arm quilting machine.  They taught me everything I needed to know in order to get started with my first freehand, pantograph, and ruler work quilts.  There are many excellent videos on YouTube demonstrating more advanced long arm quilting techniques, as well as online video classes from iQuilt, Bluprint, etc., but this is a collection of my favorite videos for a beginner who is just getting started.  If you know of other great videos for beginners that are missing from this list, please let me know!

Best Beginner Longarm Quilting Tutorials on YouTube:

  • ·       How to Load a Quilt on an APQS Frame, Full or Partial Float Methods:

  • Sparrow Quilt Co./APQS How to Load (Full Float), Baste, & Quilt a Pantograph: 

  • How to Thread an APQS Long Arm Machine:

  • How to Fill a Bobbin With the APQS Turbo Bobbin Winder: 

  •  How to Adjust & Troubleshoot Bobbin Tension, APQS:

  • How to Use a TOWA Bobbin Tension Gauge, from Superior Threads: 

  • How to Adjust Top Tension on an APQS Long Arm Machine: 

  •  Perfect Tension On Any Model Long Arm Machine, from Jamie Wallen: 

  • Using Invisible Thread on an APQS Long Arm Machine, Top and/or Bottom: 

  • How to Bury Thread Tails, from APQS:

  • How to Unpick Machine Quilting Stitches, from Natalia Bonner:

  •  APQS Pantograph Quilting Tutorial:

  • Sparrow Quilt Co./APQS How to Align an Edge to Edge Pantograph Pattern: 

  • APQS Beginner Tips for Quilting With Long Arm Rulers:

  • Angela Walters' Long Arm Ruler Tips:

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