Vintage Quilt Renovation & Repair

Vintage Quilt Renovation & Repairs

Do you have a well-loved family quilt that you just can't bear to part with, even though it's falling apart?  I have never yet met a quilt that was too far gone to save.  Quilt renovation/repair labor is priced at $30/hr, per quote.  Quilts requiring simple machine stitched repairs might take me 3-5 hours, whereas more extensively damaged quilts requiring a great deal of hand sewing might require 10-15+ hours.

There are so many ways that a tattered quilt can be made usable again, depending on your goals for the quilt's future use, your budget, and the quilt's current condition.  Holes can be patched with new fabrics that are aged to blend in with the originals.  Quilts can be resized with badly damaged areas removed, preserving portions of the quilt that are still serviceable.  Binding, backing fabric, and entire blocks can be replaced and requilted if necessary.  A bed quilt can be divided into pillow covers, table runners or small wallhangings so that each grandchild can have a piece of the quilt as a memento.  I have also completed unfinished family quilts for clients.

This kind of work is a labor of love -- my love of antique and vintage quilt history, the love your grandma or great-grandma put into making this quilt for you long ago, and your desire to share that love with your children and grandchildren by restoring the quilt so it can continue to be used and enjoyed.  Email me with photos and dimensions of your quilt and I'll be glad to discuss some options with you.

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