Vintage Quilt Renovation & Repair

Vintage Quilt Renovation & Repairs

Please Note: I have been overwhelmed with requests for vintage quilt restoration recently.  In order to give each of the quilts I've already committed to working on the care and attention they deserve, I will not be accepting any additional quilts for repair for the remainder of 2021.  Please reach out to me after January, 2022.  Thank you!  

Quilt renovation/repair is tedious and time-consuming, and labor is priced at $30/hr, per quote.  Quilts requiring minimal repairs might take 3-5 hours, whereas more extensively damaged quilts requiring a great deal of hand sewing might require 10-15+ hours.  Quilts for restoration are accepted on a case-by-case basis once I've had the opportunity to evaluate your quilt in person, and as my schedule permits.  The best candidates for repair will be quilts that are in fair to good condition overall with damage limited to one or two areas.  When the majority of the fabrics in a quilt are so worn that they are thread bare and/or disintegrating, repairs become cost prohibitive and impractical.

This kind of work is a labor of love -- my love of antique and vintage quilt history, the love your grandma or great-grandma put into making this quilt for you long ago, and your desire to share that love with your children and grandchildren by restoring the quilt so it can continue to be used and enjoyed.  Email me with photos and dimensions of your quilt and I'll be glad to discuss some options with you.

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