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Rebecca Grace

How Long Have You Been Quilting, Rebecca?

I made my first quilt over 20 years ago, when a quilting magazine caught my eye in the checkout lane of a grocery store.  I didn’t know anyone who made quilts or taught quilting back then, so I was initially self-taught via books and magazines while working as an interior designer and raising two sons.  More recently, I have enjoyed traveling to national quilt shows and taking workshops from internationally renowned teachers to expand my skills.  I launched my longarm quilting business in 2020, and I love collaborating with both local and out-of-state quilters to transform their quilt tops into beautiful finished quilts.  Click here to find out how easy it is to book your quilt with me!

Are You a Traditional Quilter or a Modern Quilter?

One of the skills that transfers directly from my interior design background is the ability to appreciate and design within a wide range of styles, whether my client's taste is very traditional, ultra-contemporary, or somewhere in-between.  I'm comfortable working anywhere along that spectrum and I love the challenge of finding the best possible quilting design to enhance each quilt that comes my way.  I'm a member of the Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild and I'm also a member (and the current President for 2023-2024) of The Charlotte Quilters' Guild.
I’m definitely a gadget girl -- my longarm machine is computerized, I design my quilts in EQ8 software and I dabble in machine embroidery.  But I still do a lot of hand stitched applique, and I love piecing challenging vintage blocks involving curves, Y-seams, and old-fashioned templates.  What really excites me in my personal work is when I’m able to learn something new, master a skill that used to be out of my reach, or extrapolate an historic quilt pattern or technique into the 21st century in a way that feels fresh and relevant to me.  It is such an exciting time to be a quilt maker, with access to so many amazing tools, techniques, and gorgeous fabrics!

Hey, Rebecca -- Where Can I Get a Pattern?  Is It Okay if I Copy Your Designs?

When I share quilts made from commercial patterns I always try to include links to where you can purchase those patterns from their designers.  I am not currently writing or selling patterns for any of my original quilting designs, however.  If you wish to create a derivative work of one of my original quilt designs for your personal use, I am delighted to have inspired you and would love to see pictures!  All I ask is that, if you enter your quilt in a show, submit it for publication, or share it on social media, you credit REBECCA DEMING RUMPF of Rebecca Grace Quilting as your design source, tagging me @RebeccaGraceQuilting and/or including a link back to this web site.  All of my original designs remain my own intellectual property, and all of the content posted on my blog is protected by copyright as well.   It is not okay (or legal) to sell "your version" of my original design, your pattern for my design, or sewn versions of my designs without my express written permission.  Thank you!

Do You Get Paid to Promote the Products You Review?

When I review books, products, or tech gadgets, I do so because I am genuinely excited about something I found and I want to share it with you.  I also use this space as a quilting journal, recording what I've tried that works -- and more importantly, what I've tried that did NOT work for me.  If I receive a book or products for free in exchange for writing a review, I will disclose that in the review.  I also participate in the Etsy, AccuQuilt, & Amazon affiliate advertising programs which allow sites like mine to earn advertising fees via advertising links.  At no additional cost to you, I may receive a small referral compensation from those companies if you click on one of my links and then make a purchase from their site.  I only link to products that I have personally used and recommend.  Revenue from affiliate links helps to support the cost of producing content and hosting the this blog.  Thank you so much for your support!

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