About Rebecca Grace: FAQs

Well hello, there!  I'm Rebecca Grace, and I'm responsible for the creative shenanigans that happen here at Rebecca Grace Quilting.  
I have been quilting in every spare moment of my free time for for over 20 years(!!) while raising two sons, running an interior design firm, and occasional freelance writing.  I love EVERY kind of quilting -- seriously! -- from traditional to modern, hand stitching as well as long arm quilting, computerized as well as free motion, needle turn appliqué to collage quilting to machine embroidery...  It is such an exciting time to be a quilt maker, with so many tools, techniques, and materials available to express our creativity through fabric!

How Long Have You Been Quilting, Rebecca?

I bought my APQS Millennium long arm quilting machine in 2017 and spent the next few years learning the ins and outs of the machine, taking classes and workshops with quilting rock stars like Lisa Calle and Judi Madsen.  I was feeling burned out creatively with interior design after two decades in the business, but there is just something magical about cutting up fabric, sewing it back together again, and then enhancing the pieced or appliquéd design with delicious quilty texture!  I'd done a few quilting commissions on the side here and there, and found it so rewarding to collaborate with other quilters to bring their creative vision to life (and cross it off their UFO lists!).  With my youngest son ready to leave my nest and head to college in 2020, I decided to officially switch my professional focus from interior design to long arm quilting.  I added IntelliQuilter computer robotics to my long arm machine in 2020 to vastly expand the design possibilities for my own quilts as well as for clients' quilts.  I've been using computer graphics programs in my design business for years, and I love that I can now leverage technology to bring my wildest creative visions to life in my quilting.

Which Machines and Equipment Do You Use?

I design all of my original quilts on the computer using EQ8 software, and then I piece them with one of my Berninas (475QE or 750QEE) or with my vintage 1935 Singer Featherweight machine.  My quilts that were made prior to 2017 were either hand quilted or machine quilted on one of my domestic Bernina machines.  My machine embroidered quilt labels are digitized in Bernina's v8 Designer Plus embroidery software and stitched out on my 750QEE.

So, Are You a Modern Quilter or a Traditional Quilter?

One of the skills that transfers directly from interior design to long arm quilting is the ability to appreciate and design within a wide range of styles, whether the client's quilt is traditional and ornate or streamlined and modern.  I'm comfortable working at either end of that spectrum, but what really excites me in my own work is what happens when those categories are blurred and a traditional quilt design is updated and extrapolated into the 21st century in a way that feels fresh and new.

One more fun fact: As much as I love modern quilts and my high-tech computerized quilting goodies, I majored in history and I absolutely adore antique and vintage quilts.  I am a sucker for those unfinished quilts that your great grandma started, or those family heirloom quilts that need repair that no one else is willing to touch.  I know these projects are often a can of worms, but if you have a treasured family quilt that needs saving or finishing, please give me a call.  

Hey, Rebecca -- Where Can I Get a Pattern?  Is It Okay if I Copy Your Designs?

I am not currently writing or selling patterns for my quilting designs.  That may happen in the future!  In the meantime, if you wish to create a version of one of my original quilt designs for your own personal use, I am delighted to have inspired you and would love to see pictures!  All I ask is that, if you enter your quilt in a show, submit it for publication, or share it on social media, you credit REBECCA DEMING RUMPF of Rebecca Grace Quilting as your design source, tagging me @RebeccaGraceQuilting and/or including a link back to this web site.  All of my original designs remain my own intellectual property, and all of the content posted on my blog is protected by copyright as well.   It is not okay to sell your version of my design, your pattern for my design, or sewn versions of my designs without my express written permission.  

Do You Get Paid to Promote the Products You Review?

When I review books, products, or tech gadgets, I do so because I am genuinely excited about something I found and I want to share it with you.  I also use this space as a quilting journal, recording what I've tried that works -- and more importantly, what I've tried that did NOT work for me.  I have never received products for free in exchange for writing a review, and if anyone ever does offer me free stuff in exchange for a review in the future, I will be sure to disclose that.  However, I do participate in the Etsy and Amazon affiliate advertising programs which allow sites like mine to earn advertising fees via advertising links.  At no additional cost to you, I may receive a small referral compensation from Amazon or Etsy when you click on one of my links and then make a purchase on their site.  Thank you so much for your support!

Affiliate Links Disclosure

Rebecca Grace Quilting participates in Amazon, Etsy, and AccuQuilt affiliate advertising programs. At no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission in the event that you make a purchase after clicking one of the links in my post. Thanks for your support!