Long Arm Quilting Services

I am currently accepting reservations for computerized edge-to-edge quiltinglight custom quiltingquilt basting servicesvintage quilt repair/restoration, and limited commission work.  


Quilting Labor + Thread + Batting (+ sales tax for NC residents) = Total 

There is a $50.00 Minimum Quilting Labor Charge per quilt


Edge-to-Edge Quilting

1. Basic E2E/Edge-to-Edge Quilting

Starting at $.02 per square inch

Computerized Pantograph quilting using a repeating edge-to-edge design that flows across the surface of your quilt irrespective of blocks, sashing, borders, etc.  Designs in this price category will include larger scale meandering, loops and swirls, with quilting stitches spaced farther apart.  These designs can be stitched out beautifully and accurately at a moderately fast machine speed.  Lots of designs are available in this category, and I can help you find the perfect one to pair with your quilt top.

2. Dense/Complex Edge-to-Edge Quilting

$.025 to $.03 per square inch

Computerized quilting using any of the more intricately detailed edge-to-edge designs and/or one of the Basic category designs stitched out on a smaller scale for a more heavily quilted look.  These designs put a lot more quilting stitches into the quilt and, because they often involve backtracking and intricate details, they must stitch at a slower speed to maintain accuracy.   Price is determined by the complexity of the design you choose and how closely spaced you want the quilting stitches to be.  


Custom Quilting

1. Light Custom Quilting

Starting at $.04 and up per square inch

This price category covers those situations where I'm stitching an edge-to-edge design over most of your quilt, but I'm giving your quilt some extra love and attention in certain areas.  Maybe I'm stitching the main body of your quilt with a computerized allover edge-to-edge design but quilting something different in the borders, or perhaps I'm programming a "No Sew Zone" into my computer to ensure that quilting stitches don't cross over your machine embroidery, applique, or other special features of your quilt.  There is no SID (Stitch in the Ditch) or ruler work included at this level.  Light Custom Quilting typically takes 5-7 hours for a Queen size quilt.


2. Mid/Heavy Custom Quilting

Starting at $.06 to .08 and up per square inch, PER QUOTE

Custom Quilting refers to any of the following: SID (Stitch in the Ditch), individual block and/or border designs, and ruler work.  Quilting may be hand guided, computerized, or a combination of the two.  “Mid Custom” quilting with one color thread throughout and minimal SID (Stitch in the Ditch) typically takes 7-15 hours for a typical Queen size quilt and would be priced at the lower end of this range.  


Extensive ruler work and/or SID, dense background fills, multiple thread colors, and SID and background fills around heavily appliquéd quilts is very time-consuming, but these custom techniques are excellent for showcasing masterful piecing and appliqué.   These “Heavy Custom” projects can take anywhere from 15-40+ hours to quilt and would fall into the upper price range.  Every Custom Quilting project is quoted individually, and I am happy to work with you to create a custom design within your budget.  


Additional Charges

1. Thread

The actual cost of thread used on your quilt (not the entire cone) will be added to your final invoice.  While the amount of thread used can vary tremendously depending on the size of your quilt and how densely it’s quilted, the thread cost for a Queen quilt with a typical, average density E2E design is usually less than $15.   


When more than one thread color is required, there is an additional $5.00 charge for each additional color.  For most quilts, I will be able to select a single thread color to complement all of the fabrics in your quilt.

Delicate/Specialty threads may also incur a handling upcharge (per quote).

2. Batting

Batting is priced by the linear inch and will be quoted on your estimate.

For your convenience, I stock a variety of high-quality Quilter's Dream battings by the roll that perform well on my machine, and when possible, I prefer that you purchase your batting directly from me.  The batting that comes off a roll is free of the deep creases and distortion/stretching that are common with prepackaged battings, and since my battings are priced by the linear inch, you are only charged for the amount of batting actually needed for your project.  Using my batting saves you on shipping if you're a mail order client, and prevents due to prepackaged batting that is too small or that has flaws.  I stock Quilter's Dream Cotton, 80/20 Cotton/Poly Blend, Dream Poly, Dream Wool, and Dream Orient (a yummy blend of natural fibers including silk, bamboo, and cotton).  I can also special order black batting for dark quilt tops, recycled fiber batting, or a thicker or thinner loft per your request.

If you have already purchased your own batting, please check with me before shipping to confirm that your batting is large enough and that it is suitable for use with my industrial long arm machine.  


3. Sales Tax

Per state law, North Carolina/Mecklenburg County sales tax, currently 7.25%, applies to all orders that are dropped off and/or picked up locally.  Sales tax will not be collected for orders that are both shipped to my studio AND shipped back to an out-of-state address. 


4. Extra Services Labor

$30.00 per hour

If I need to seam, press or square your quilt top/backing, remove and reattach wavy borders, stay stitch the perimeter of a quilt that lacks borders, or make any repairs to holes, open seams etc. before I can load your quilt on my frame, I will contact you first and give you the option to pick up your quilt and address these issues yourself to avoid additional labor charges.

5. Quilt Drop-Offs, Pickup, & Shipping

Drop-offs and pickups are by appointment only.  Local customers are welcome to schedule drop off and pick up their quilts in person from my home studio, located in the Ballantyne area of Charlotte, North Carolina.   We can also schedule your drop-off/pickup before or after a guild meeting (I belong to both the Charlotte Quilters' Guild and the Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild).  

Long distance customers can ship their quilt tops and backing to me via USPS, UPS or FedEx and have their finished quilts shipped back, with all shipping and insurance costs paid by the customer.  I strongly recommend insuring your package both ways, and for both of our protection, insurance is required when I ship your finished quilt back to you.  Please do not ship your quilt top to me until you have reviewed and approved your quilting estimate.


Other Important Things to Know:

  • Backing fabric and Batting (if customer supplied) should extend at least 6-8" beyond the edges of your quilt top on all four sides Thus a 60" x 80" quilt would require backing AND batting of at least 72" x 92".  Bigger is better!  Any leftover backing fabric will be returned to you.
  • To avoid additional labor charges, backing should be squared up and seamed if needed, using a 1/2" seam allowance, a short stitch length, and press the seam OPEN to reduce bulk.  
  • If you are delivering your quilt top to me in person, please have it pressed, folded lengthwise, and drape it over a hanger for minimal creasing (the pants or table cloth hangers from the dry cleaner are perfect).  
  • If you are shipping your quilt to me, it should be pressed and loosely folded in a large enough box to ensure that your quilt does not arrive crumpled and wrinkled.  
  • For best results, quilt tops should be square, all seams should be completely sewn with no holes, and quilt borders should lay flat.   However, there are no quilt police allowed in my studio and there is no such thing as a perfect quilt top!  If your quilt has problems that you don't know how to fix, let's talk about it and we'll figure it out together.  I LOVE helping beginners finish quilts they can be proud of! 
  • Jobs are scheduled for quilting in the order that they are received.  Your job will be scheduled for quilting once I have received your quilt top, backing, COM batting (if applicable), and a signed estimate detailing the work to be done.  I typically schedule edge-to-edge orders 2-4 weeks out with longer lead times for custom quilting, projects requiring repair work, and for all quilts as we approach the holidays.  I'm happy to give you an estimated lead time based on the quilts already in my que, but I cannot reserve time on my schedule for quilt tops that are not yet ready to be quilted.  
  • Payment is due in full at the time you pick up your quilt, or prior to my shipping it back to you.  

So...  Ready to Schedule Your Top for Quilting?

If you have any questions that I haven't answered here, or if you have a quilt top ready for quilting and you need an estimate, just email me:

Rebecca (at) RebeccaGraceQuilting (dot) com

Be sure your email includes:

  1. The dimensions of your quilt top
  2. Any ideas you may have about how you'd like me to quilt it
  3. Your phone number and the best time to reach you so I can contact you to discuss your quilt.  
  4. Attach a photo if you can, because this is one of those situations where a picture really IS worth a thousand words.  If you're wanting an estimate for a quilt that isn't finished, feel free to send the pattern photo instead.

Thank you so much for choosing me to quilt for you!



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