Why YES; I'd LOVE to quilt for you!  😀.  Seriously -- whether it's your first quilt ever or you have created a masterpiece destined for show, I would be delighted to quilt your top in a way that enhances your patchwork and shows your work in the best possible light.  

PLEASE NOTE: I'm currently scheduling quilts for completion in early December of 2022.  Let me know ASAP if you are working on gifts with holiday deadlines!

In order to maintain a reasonable turnaround, I am no longer able to offer binding, custom quilting, vintage quilt repair or commission services.  I do not make T-shirt quilts from start to finish (but I'm happy to quilt them if you've sewn the top together yourself).  Thank you for keeping me so busy!  

 Let's Get Your Quilt Top Scheduled for Quilting!

Most of the questions I get about quilting services are answered below, but if you are ready to book your quilt now (and don't have time to read through all of that), go ahead and shoot me an email:


Your Email Should Include:

  1. The dimensions of your quilt
  2. Your deadline, if you have one
  3. Any quilting designs you have in mind
  4. Your phone number and the best time to reach you  
  5. Attach a photo.  If your top isn't finished yet, feel free to send the pattern photo and/or work-in-progress photos.

Need More Info? Read On...

Edge-to-Edge Quilting: 

Echo Bubble Meander E2E

I exclusively offer Edge-to-Edge Computerized Pantograph quilting (E2E), utilizing a repeating design that flows across the entire surface of your quilt as opposed to individual designs for blocks/borders.  I have a curated collection of 650+ quilting designs to choose from, 250+ thread options and I stock 8 different kinds of batting.  If you have something specific in mind for your quilt, that's great.  If you don't know what you want, don't worry -- I'll be happy to advise you in the selection process once I receive your quilt top!  😁

A Bit of Fun E2E


Quilting Labor Thread + Batting  = Total 

1. Quilting Labor: 600+ Designs to Choose From

Quilting labor depends on the size of your quilt, the complexity of the design, and how long it will take me to complete your quilt.  I quote labor individually for every quilt and will give you a written estimate before beginning the work, but here are some typical charges to give you an idea: My minimum quilting charge for wallhangings and very small quilts is $60.  Expect to pay about $70 for a baby quilt, $115 for a lap/throw quilt, $225 for a full/queen quilt, and $300 for a king.


Graffiti #7 E2E

2. Thread: 250+ Options to Choose From

The actual cost of thread used on your quilt (not an entire cone) will be added to your final invoice.  The thread cost for a Queen quilt with a moderate density E2E design is typically less than $15.   I stock a wide variety of colors and sheens including Aurifil, YLI, King Tut, Omni, So Fine, Glide, Metallic, Bottom Line, etc. and I can suggest options for your quilt once I see it in person.


3. Batting: 8 Options to Choose From

I sell quilt batting by the linear inch.

I stock a wider variety of high-quality battings than most quilt shops -- because what's inside the quilt really does make a difference!  Once I receive your quilt top, I can recommend the perfect batting based on your budget, the look you want, and the intended use of your finished quilt. 

Have you already purchased your batting?  That's fine too -- just check with me to confirm that your batting is large enough and that it's suitable for long arm quilting.  


Long distance customers can ship their quilt tops and backing to me using the carrier of their choice.  I ship completed quilts back to clients via UPS (my discounted business rates with UPS are cheaper than what the U.S. Post Office charges, yet UPS includes twice as much insurance at no additional cost -- and their reliability and tracking capabilities are superior to ensure that your quilt arrives safely on your doorstep).  The actual return shipping cost will be added to your final invoice.  


Options for Local Quilt Drop-Off & Pickup

Drop-offs and pickups are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Local customers who wish to meet with me in person can schedule a drop off at my home studio in the Ballantyne area of Charlotte, NC.   

North Carolina Sales Tax 

Per state law, North Carolina/Mecklenburg County sales tax, currently 7.25%, applies to all orders that are dropped off and/or picked up locally.  Sales tax is not added to orders that are both shipped to my studio from outside North Carolina AND shipped back to an out-of-state address. If I am shipping your quilt back to an address within North Carolina but outside of Mecklenburg County, the tax rate of your home county will be applied to your order.


Other FAQs:

  • Backing fabric should be at least 5-6" beyond the edges of your quilt top on all four sides Example: a 60" x 80" quilt needs backing that measures at least 72" x 92".  Bigger is better and any additional backing fabric will be returned to you.  I can seam and square your backing fabric for you for an additional fee.
  • If you are shipping your quilt to me, it should be pressed and loosely folded in a large enough box to ensure that your quilt does not arrive crumpled and deeply creased.  Please do not cram it into the tiniest little box you can find...  
  • Quilts With "Personality": Ideally, every quilt top would be squareall seams would be completely sewn with no holes, and every quilt border would lay flat as a pancake.   However, there are no quilt police allowed in my studio and there is no such thing as a perfect quilt top!  If your quilt has problems that you don't know how to fix, let's figure it out together.  I LOVE helping beginners finish quilts they can be proud of! 
  • Jobs are scheduled for quilting in the order received.  Your quilt will be added to my schedule as soon as I receive your quilt top, backing, and batting (if using your own).  Lead times get longer as we approach the holidays, graduation season, etc. so if you are making a special gift with a deadline, please get those to me as early as possible!  😉.   
  • Payment is due in full at the time you pick up your quilt, or prior to my shipping it back to you.  I do not require an advance deposit.  I accept cash, personal checks, Zelle, or PayPal, but I am unable to accept credit cards.

Ready to Schedule Your Top for Quilting?

If you have any questions that I haven't answered here, just email me:


Your Email Should Include:

  1. The dimensions of your quilt
  2. Your deadline, if you have one
  3. Any quilting designs you have in mind
  4. Your phone number and the best time to reach you  
  5. Attach a photo.  If your top isn't finished yet, feel free to send the pattern photo and/or work-in-progress photos.

Thank you so much -- I'm looking forward to quilting for you!

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