Saturday, April 3, 2010

Renegade Easter Bunny Wreaks Havoc with a Sharpie!!

This year, my third-grade son suggested that we dye our Easter eggs black.  Black?!  If you met my boys, you would understand.  How do you even DO that, I wondered?  So I said, "No black eggs -- it's Easter, not Halloween!"  However, through some kind of food coloring mishap, the eggs that were supposed to be blue came out such a dark, midnight blue that they really DO look black.  The rest of the eggs are normal colors, just very vivid.  I think I put way too much food coloring overall.  Anyway, after the kids went to bed, a wicked urge came over me and I went to town on the eggs with a Sharpie marker.  Tomorrow morning, I plan to act really surprised and exclaim, "Boys!  Look what the Easter Bunny did to your eggs!!"

See those weird, creepy charcoal-black eggs at the top ?  I'm sure I couldn't duplicate that if I tried.  My favorites are in the photo below: The Egg Who Lived (top left), the orange dragon (bottom left) and Mr. Yuck (bottom center). 

I got the egg faces idea from one of those endlessly forwarded emails that one of my sisters sent me.  They had faces drawn on uncolored white eggs, like this:
I think my colored eggs are much cuter.  If anyone knows the source for the terrified eggs in the above photo, please let me know so I can give credit where it's due.  Have a Happy Easter!


Anonymous said...

Hi Rebecca,

To answer your question, the center motif is machine embroidered, as are the four side leaf motifs. The rest is all by BSR, free-handed without any computerization involved. The project is meant to be for BSR beginners in that if they master their background quilting, they would feel more confident in doing free-motion for the main motifs. :)

Those eggs are cute, by the way -- love the different expression.

Rebecca Grace said...

Ivory Spring: Well, I'm in awe. Granted, I haven't put in much practice time with the BSR (ran out and got the update added to my Artista when they first came out with it, but I had spent SO much time piecing the current top I was working on at the time that I chickened out and hand quilted it instead). Maybe I need to take a refresher class on BSR and do some smaller, less terrifying projects until I get my confidence up. There -- I said it on the internet with the whole world as witnesses! I promise to practice free motion quilting! :-)

Kim and Christi said...

uuuuummmmm....i think the egg faces are from a video on Youtube......? tell me if im wrong

Kim and Christi said...

Ummmm..... i think the picture of the terrified eggs are from a video on Youtube.......? Correct me if im wrong

Rebecca Grace said...

MsMshammy: Could be – I only saw the still photo (posted in my blog entry) on a forwarded email. If the idea of the egg faces came from a YouTube video, please send me a link so I can post it. I’d love to be able to give credit where it’s due!