Sunday, October 10, 2010

Quick! Please Buy This Fabric Before My Willpower Crumbles!

NO, I'm not done with my pettiskirt for Princess Petunia yet, and NO I probably don't have time to get back into my sewing room at all this week.  I have tons of beautiful fabrics hoarded and stashed away in my studio, including many that I've had for at least three years, and if I order any more fabric before I sew up some of what I've got, I'm going to have to smuggle it into the house while my husband is in the bathroom.

But it's in the 80s today in Charlotte and there are mums for sale outside the grocery store, next to pumkins that would be better off out of direct sunlight.  That mean's it's Fall, and time to be tempted by the beautiful sweater knit fabrics for sale at Emma One Sock.  I know I should unsubscribe to this newsletter and just walk away from the computer, and some days I'm strong enough to just click "delete" instead of clicking through to see all the new fabric goodies that Linda has added to her online store.  Today, I was weak, and I'm sorely tempted to shop. 

I love the colors, the texture, and the subtle metallic shimmer.  You can get this fabric here if I haven't bought all of it already. 

Surely I need a top in this fabric to wear with my favorite jeans?  You can find this fabric here
This lightweight, drapey knit would be fun for scrunchy turtleneck or cowl necked top.  You can get it here.  It comes in a blue colorway as well, but I like this one because it reminds me of those craft projects where you melt together all of your leftover crayon stumps to get multicolor crayons. 

What's really a sin is that all I want to make with these fabrics is simple long-sleeve T-shirt type tops.  We're talking about unlined garments with only four pieces to cut out, that I should be able to whip up in a couple of hours on my fancy but underused serger. 

Okay, you're all my witnesses:  I hereby solemnly swear that, when I finish the pettiskirt (not if, but when), the next thing I'm going to tackle will be a knit top utilizing fabric from my stash.  So I can buy more fabric.  :-)


Ivory Spring said...

So, now I know what the fuss is about not buying fabrics. :)

Thanks for visiting and commenting. I always LOVE hearing from you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rebecca,
I have a top made from the second fabric you posted! Only it is a fall colorway! Great minds......