Sunday, November 7, 2010

Look What I Bought! Whimsical Happy Flower Head Artwork to Perk Up My Office Walls

I just found a terrific new-to-me watercolor artist via the Cote de Texas design blog!  Take a gander at the prints I selected for my office a few minutes ago:
Flower Head on Black by Harrison Howard
Flower Head Lady by Harrison Howard

Rendezvous at Night by Harrison Howard
Parasol in the Air by Harrison Howard
Now I'm really going to be stalking the delivery trucks!  To see more of Harrison Howard's work, visit his web site here.  He's running a 25% off sale on his limited edition prints that ends tomorrow.

I purchased a few oil paintings at High Point Market last month, too, and those are supposed to be delivered tomorrow morning.  Also, my in-laws brought me a beautiful Delacroix print when they visited us a few days ago.  It's one of two prints that I had always admired in their New Jersey dining room, and I have to reframe them before hanging.  And poor Bernie has to relocate the doorbell and thermostat, because our builder apparently was not thinking about wallspace for artwork when he stuck those ugly boxes there. 

I'm really looking forward to getting all of this beautiful artwork up on the walls so we can enjoy it!


Ivory Spring said...

Oh beautiful - they would make stunning applique quilts.

Rebecca Grace said...

Wendy, I like that train of thought! I would LOVE to see an applique quilt inspired by Harrison Howard's flower hat lady portraits! You're right; there's a folk art element in his work that would translate well into fiber arts. Just thinking about a quilt like that makes me happy.