Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Blossoms, Or That Which the Dogs Have Chosen Not to Destroy

A Spared Rhododendron Blooms Bravely in the Back Yard
Amazingly, a rhododendron has been spared the malicious attentions of Lulu the Terrible and is blooming prettily in the back yard.

I had to come in pretty close to get this picture without also including the torn-up sod and chewed-up Indian Hawthornes in the foreground.  We're focusing on what IS working in the garden today.

Aren't the purple irises in the Flower Dump lovely?  Too bad spring flowers are so brief. 

This morning, Lars-of-Ours spent an hour or so pulling up clover and other weeds from the front flower beds.  He did this not out of gardening enthusiasm or filial love, but as forced penance for having raided the candy-filled plastic Easter eggs this morning before his parents got out of bed.  Ahem!

Bernie and the boys just left to go fishing, and I'd like to sneak in some quilting time while they're gone.  I hope you're enjoying Spring break in your neck of the woods!

Lovely Purple Irises in the Flower Dump

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