Sunday, May 20, 2012

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun with Glitter Polish

Channeling My Inner 'Tween: Piano Practice is More Fun with Glitter Polish
Happy Sunday!  As you can see, I've accomplished great things today in the realm of nail polish.  I'm plodding along with my piano practice despite my frustrating tendency to practice the same mistakes over and over again.  Certain measures continue to pop up and take me completely by surprise, like whack-a-moles that I've never seen before, even though I've played the song hundreds of times by now.  There should not be any more surprises!  I've got Hedwig's Theme from Harry Potter completely memorized, but my fingers keep tripping over he keys in exactly the same places every time.  It's like I'm a really uncoordinated person trying to dance, who knows all the steps but just can't get her feet to execute them properly.  Last week I started working on the aptly-named Mission: Impossible theme and that's off to a rough start as well.  Since practice, scowling, and swearing weren't helping, I decided to try childish pink fingernails sprinkled with pixie dust to see if that helped me play better.  The verdict?  Well, it certainly can't hurt!

OPI Charged Up Cherry
OPI Last Friday Night
This actually looks even sillier in person -- bright, hot pink, topped with irridescent glitter.  Here, now, I'll pretend to be a Beauty Blogger and I'll tell you exactly which polishes I used, in case you'd like to indulge your own inner 'tween:

I've got an unbecoming shade of hot pink, OPI Charged Up Cherry, layered beneath OPI Last Friday Night from the Katy Perry Collection.  It's really a clear with a bluish tint.  Together, the effect is pleasantly obnoxious.  Anders editorializes that my fingernails look "horribly obnoxious!"  He doesn't even like glittery fake eyelashes -- party pooper!  Hmmm...  I volunteered to proctor EOG (End of Grade) testing at school next week.  Do you think it would be distracting to the kids if I dug those glittery eyelashes out of the Halloween box and wore them on testing day?

Other things that are obnoxious:  Blogger informing me just now that I have exceeded the storage limit in my Picasa album and now I have to pay to upload pictures of blue glitter nailpolish to my blog.  This makes me grouchy.  Doesn't Google know that there isn't enough glitter in the world, and I'm trying to do a public service here?


Ivory Spring said...

Nice nails, Rebecca! ;)

The French Tangerine said...

I'm always attracted to inappropriate nail polish colors! I believe just about anything looks good for 1 hour after polished, but a few days in is when you judge if it's an appropriate look... I definitely can not wear glitter. My daughter LOVES glitter anywhere on her body including her nails for sure.