Wednesday, June 27, 2012

UFO Laid to Rest At Last: Anders' Celestial Double Nine Patch Quilt, 2003-2012

Anders' "Celestial Double Nine Patch," 2003-2012
Have you ever come back to a quilt nine years later to finish it up?  That's what I did yesterday and today with this double nine patch quilt.  I "finished" it the month that Anders was born, and it was his baby quilt.  It has probably been through the wash at least 30 times, and all of the metallic accents in the fabric have long since washed away.  This quilt has been folded up in my son's closet for several years now, but I decided to take it out and add some free motion quilting to it for two reasons.  First, I always thought it needed more quilting, but I just didn't feel up to the challenge and was afraid I'd mess up and ruin the quilt back in 2003.  Now that the quilt has served its purpose and lives in a closet full time, those fears didn't seem so insurmountable after all. 

To recap, the diagonal grid quilting and the decorative motifs in the centers of the alternate blocks were both quilted in 2003, using a walking foot for the grid and a digitized quilting motif stitched "in the hoop" with my embroidery module.  This week (nine years later!) I added this squiggly back-and-forth free motion quilting around the decorative motifs, to fill in dead space as well as just to get some more free motion practice under my belt before going back to Lars's "Drunken Dragons" quilt. 

FMQ Squiggles Added around Embroidered Center Motif

I think I will be able to use this back-and-forth squiggle quilting in the corners of the drunkard's path blocks, so stay tuned to see how that turns out in the next day or two.

Meanwhile, I'm linking up to Amy Lou Who's Sew and Tell Friday.  It feels good to have finished something this week!


bevkimmel said...

That quilting is amazingly beautiful!
Maybe it is good that you waited because you are really showing your skills here.

Anonymous said...

I hate to create something just to practice quilt on, what a great idea! And your quilting looks fabulous!