Sunday, August 26, 2012

Happy New (School) Year! Back to School 2012

It's official, folks: my Lars is now a bona fide 6th grader and my Anders has proudly joined the ranks of the 4th grade.  This school year is a new beginning in so many ways.  The school has a new director and lots of new teachers, infusing the start of this school year with their enthusiasm and fresh energy along with some uncertainty.  Lars is upstairs with the 6th-8th grade middle school kids, where he has a locker for the first time and those big kid student desk/chair combos instead of the elementary school desks with cubbies beneath that the lower grades use downstairs. 

Lars & Anders, 2nd Day of School
Bernie missed the first day of school this year because he was traveling for work, so he snapped this picture on the second day -- close enough.  Lars looks like he's grimacing, but I think he's just squinting from sun in his eyes. 

My main concern for this school year is helping both boys to stay organized and keep up with their assignments and deadlines.  It seems as though all of their teachers for this year are strong communicators and well organized themselves, which should make things easier.  We'll still have all of the same extra-curricular activities: piano and Chess Club for both boys and violin for Anders, plus church choir.  Lars will be starting Confirmation classes at our church this year, too, and both boys had so much fun in the school's musical theatre production last Spring that I'd be really surprised if they didn't audition for this year's production as well.  The biggest difference from last year is that their mommy isn't taking on design projects for clients right now, so I don't have meetings with clients, showroom visits, and design projects to work on into the wee hours of the morning.  Less stress, less takeout, less dark circles under my eyes!

To all of you with school aged children of your own, Happy New School Year!  May the months ahead be filled with learning, adventures, and the wonder of discovering the world all over again through the eyes of your child.


Beadboard UpCountry said...

They are adorable!!!!!!!You definitely have your hands full!Thanks for your help on the tassels I think we are going to go with some from the company you sent..........IIf you weren't so far away I would have gotten you to do them!!!!!!Maryanne ;)

Jenny K. Lyon said...

Hope you all have a wonderful school year! So, this means more sewing time??