Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lars and Anders Come Up Winners at the Science Fair!

Lars at Far Left Standing, Anders Second from Left in Front Row
The Science Fair is a BIG DEAL at our school.  The kids in grades 4-8 begin these projects early in September, coming up with their topics, conducting background research and writing their research papers, coming up with their hyptheses, methods, and materials.  Then the experimental phase takes up the entire month of November, and in December they are analyzing their data, writing up their results and conclusions and their abstracts, neatening up their notebooks and putting it all together into one big, impressive-looking science fair paper.  Last weekend was a flurry of construction paper, rubber cement, Elmer's glue and other craft supplies as they designed and assembled their display boards for the school science fair.  A LOT of work went into both boys' projects, but the competition is pretty fierce at a charter school for gifted students.  We were just glad the projects were finished and turned in on time, and hoped they would earn respectable grades -- so we were delighted and proud when BOTH boys' work was recognized with awards at the science fair on Tuesday evening.  Way to go, Lars and Anders!

Anders took 5th place in the Elementary School division for his project "Does Water Affect Aerodynamics of Paper Airplanes?" 

Anders with his Display Board
Lars was recognized with the Mrs. Roberson Award in the 6th Grade division for his project, "The Effect of Piano versus Symphonic Music on Bean Plants."  He says that decorating the display board was his favorite part of the science fair project.  Child after my own heart...  :-)

Lars with his Display Board

Both boys are now eligible to represent our school at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte Regional Science and Engineering Fair next month.  Anders is not sure he wants to participate (because he's suspicious that additional work will be involved!) but either way, they have done well.

Rewards will be selected at the LEGO store this weekend... 


Jenny K. Lyon said...

You've a right to be proud! Handsome+creative scientist is a powerful combination.

Lane said...

Way to go, Lars and Anders! Hard work pays off. Lane