Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Snowy Day in Charlotte!

Lars Catching Snowflakes

We had a snowy day in Charlotte yesterday!  I'm always skeptical when the Carolilna weather forecasters issue dire Winter Weather Advisories -- they have cried wolf a few times too many.  Yesterday we saw a few snow flurries in the morning as Bernie was taking Lars to his Chinese tutor, but those few flakes were short-lived, melting instantly as they hit the ground, and the skies were clear when it was time for piano lessons on Saturday afternoon.  Late in the afternoon, the skies were WHITE and snow began falling heavily, dumping out of the skies as though we lived someplace that actually HAS winter.  Since we only get a snowfall like this once every couple of years, Lars and Anders raced outside to throw snowballs, build snowmen, and play in the snow until their cheeks were rosy and their toes were frozen.
Anders with his snowman, Bob
Charlotte shuts down completely just for this little bit of snow.  No one has snow tires, no one knows how to drive in ice and snow, and there aren't any snow plows or salt trucks clearing and de-icing the roads.  Our church even canceled Sunday school and worship services this morning because it's still very cold and the roads are icy. 
My favorite part?  I love the clean, bright white daylight reflected off the snow, pouring in through my windows.

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Lane said...

Hi, Rebecca. Just catching up. So, do those pictures make up for the mess in your car the other day? We haven't gotten snow in a couple of years. Glad you were able to hunker down and enjoy it. Lane