Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Monogram Quilt Label for Princess Petunia

Monogram Quilt Label Design for Sarah
Well, after spending an entire day trying to decide which floral print fabric I should use for the center of my niece's Dresden plate quilt, I've finally realized that the center block needs to be the tone on tone red chevron fabric.  I need someplace to embroider my niece's monogram and quilt label.  I'm not putting this on the back of the quilt because I'm using minky, so it has to go on the front and the center block is the only place it can go.  It just won't show up on a print, no matter which thread colors I choose -- and believe me, I tried out A LOT of them!

Print Fabric Rejected!
 Yuck, right?  So, no print fabric for the center block.

By the way, both of the images in this post are screen shots from my Bernina Designer Plus embroidery software, version 6.  I imported fabric photos into my design software so I could "preview" the embroidered label in different thread colors against the print background.  That's a very handy feature!

Here's what the design looks like with a plain white grid background:

I purchased the Tween monogram design from Embroidery Arts, including the circular scroll design, and then I stretched, rotated and aligned the monogram letters in my software program.  The "stitched with love" lettering is a True Type font from my PC that my software automatically converts to embroidery.  This design is going to be my first time using the Jumbo Hoop for my new sewing machine.

Hopefully I can embroider the center block this evening, assemble the blocks with sashing and add borders tomorrow, and then layer and quilt it on Friday.  Then the last step is to serge the outer edges of the quilt and finish it off with satin binding, and that will be either Friday or Saturday.  Talk about down to the wire -- the birthday is SUNDAY, and I still have to wrap and ship this quilt to New Jersey!


Unknown said...

Oooohhh!!!! I am really loving the big monogram for the center of the quilt. Her old "comfy covers" had such a tiny monogram in the corner that you never saw it... and this is so pretty.............

Lane said...

What a fantastic label! And, I agree, front and center. Lane

LJ said...

Now there you go... I'm a bit behind in my blog reading and after leaving a comment about your fabric choice for the center block, I find you've already chosen. And, you chose well. GREAT center and it looks just exactly as though you'd planned it all along. :)

Vivian said...

Another wonderful label and more embroidery machine insider knowledge. Thanks for sharing this at Val's!!

Val's Quilting Studio said... I keep eyeing that embroidery machine in the window and these wonderful labels are yet another creative reason to purchase! LOL!! Thanks for the inspiration!