Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow Munchkins and Cinnamon Mocha Chip Cookies

Anders with his Snow Dwarf

I got a few more cute pictures from our snow day yesterday.  Here Anders is posing with his diminutive snow man.  He was unable to find any pine cones, prickle balls, or lumps of coal, so I brought out the craft supplies -- hence the seashell nose, triangular button eyes attached with pipe cleaners, and feathers.  I couldn't even produce a decent carrot for the nose.

Lars Being Lars in the Driveway

Here's Lars, wearing the "snowman scarf" (scrap of fleece I brought down from the sewing room) and threatening to put boobies on his brother's snow man.  *SIGH*

Anders and I made those cookies for his class Valentine's Day party, although school ended up getting canceled again today.  We'll just send them in on Monday, I guess.  We tasted a couple, to make sure they are edible.  ;-)

Anders with his Cinnamon Mocha Chocolate Chip Cookies

Well, as you can imagine, the natives are getting restless after almost an entire week off from school, confined to the limited amusements of our house and yard.  It has not helped that the snow storm trapped their daddy in Las Vegas all week, either.  After several canceled flights, we hope he really does make it home this evening, because if I have one more day alone with the Screaming Cheetah Wheelies, Bernie will come home to find me huddled under the bed with a glazed look in my eyes, muttering gibberish and compulsively banging my head on the floor.

Next week, Mommy deserves a pedicure, and a nap!

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