Friday, May 9, 2014

Finished On Friday: The 5th Grade Class Fundraiser Quilt

5th Grade Class Raffle Quilt is Finished!  51" x 59"
After quilting under pressure in every spare moment over the last month, I finally finished hand stitching the binding last night and was able to bring the 5th grade class fundraiser quilt to school this morning.  In case you missed my earlier posts about this project, I'll give you a brief recap: Four weeks ago, the PTO informed all class parents that they wanted us to create some kind of an original artwork with our students that could be auctioned off at our annual Night of the Arts performance as a PTO fundraiser.  Oh, and we didn't actually get to spend a meaningful amount of time with the students to do this, either -- I think the suggestion was to "work with a few students at a time during lunch or recess."  Since I am a crazy person and also a very poor judge of how long things actually take, I thought for sure we could whip up a class quilt in three weeks if I "kept it simple." 

I met with the school art teacher and discovered that our students had already made these fantastic abstract nature paintings earlier in the school year, so I borrowed the paintings, scanned them, and printed them onto specially treated 8 1/2" x 11" fabric sheets in my inkjet printer.  Then I added batik "frames" around each one, the borders, and free motion quilting that was originally supposed to be very basic but ended up taking over a week to complete.

Anyway, I'm glad it's done and off my plate now so I can focus on other things again.

In other news, Lars got braces this week:
Braces for Lars!
Isn't he a cutie?  Apparently he was one of three seventh graders at his school who all got braces put on this week.  He's very excited about them and has been much more meticulous about brushing since he got the braces put on. 

We have the boys' violin and piano recitals tomorrow afternoon, and it's our turn to teach Sunday school so it will be another busy weekend.  Happy Mother's Day to all of you mothers and grandmothers out there!

I'm linking up with TGIFF -- Thank God It's Finished Friday, because that's EXACTLY how I'm feeling about handing that quilt over to the PTO!


Snowcatcher said...

It turned out beautifully! I hope it brings in a good sum for the PTO. You are a very good woman for pulling this together with such a tight deadline!

M-R Charbonneau said...

Well done! Great idea to use work they've done already. It turned out beautifully! So glad you linked up with TGIFF!

Jenny K. Lyon said...

This is the coolest class quilt ever! You did a great job on it in such a short time. I hope it does well. And Lars is adorable in braces!

Barbara Sindlinger said...

Very impressed by the art of 5th graders. Better than I can do and how special that you made it into a quilt. I hope the raffle goes well.