Friday, July 31, 2015

Alex Anderson Workshop Tomorrow -- Woo Hoo!

Quilt Basket Rendezvous by Alex Anderson
I am SO EXCITED to be attending a quilting workshop with the legendary Alex Anderson tomorrow!  The workshop is hosted by my Bernina dealer, Lee's Creative Sewing and Vacuum of Charlotte, Hickory and Shelby, North Carolina, and we're going to be making a smaller version of Alex's Quilt Basket Rendezvous project.  I really love her version made with Kaffe Fassett prints, shown above, but my Bernina dealer says the kits for tomorrow's workshop are all batik fabrics.  This makes me pout -- I love me some batiks for applique projects, and I like to mix them with other fabrics, but I'm not a huge fan of quilts that are made ONLY using batiks.  I don't even like the idea of making a quilt using fabrics that someone else picked out for me...  But I'm not taking the class for the quilt per se, I'm taking the class so I can meet Alex Anderson!

Smaller Batik Version of Quilt Basket Rendezvous for Workshop
If it were up to me, I'd probably choose 1930s reproduction prints for this project, but I'm just going to have to make the best of whatever kit I get stuck with.

Alex Anderson
What I love about Alex's quilting books is that she is so encouraging and makes quilting accessible for total beginners.  Whereas some of my other favorite quilting authors like Harriet Hargrave, Diane Gaudynski and Sally Collins go into excruciating, exacting detail to teach mastery, Alex's books give new quilters the essentials they need to get started and achieve results they can be proud of -- without overwhelming and intimidating them with too much information.  I'm looking forward to meeting her and learning as much as I can from her class.

Also, since Bernina is providing machines for us to use in the workshop, I'm curious about which machines we'll be using -- and grateful that I don't have to pack up my beast of a 750 QE sewing machine to take to class.  If any of you in the Charlotte area are going to be in the workshop with me tomorrow, please say hello!

Happy stitching, everyone!


Katie said...

I have to agree, the Kaffe version is so special. Sadly, Charlotte is a bit of a long drive. Ah well. Have fun!! :-)

Barbara Sindlinger said...

She is the reason I started quilting. I'd watch Simply Quilts getting ready for work and kept thinking I could do that. And I did. I also was on an Alaskan cruise that she was teaching on (I was not on the cruise with the quilters though.) I would go up where she was teaching and listen in AND I rode in the elevator with her. My in-laws and husband did not understand how excited I was. She's a quilting star!

Have fun and I don't blame you about someone picking your fabrics. Can't wait for your post all about it.

Gina said...

How lucky you are. Have a great day and I hope you enjoy yourself

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

that quilt would look perfect in 1930's prints! I used to love Alex Anderson's show on HGTV, years ago she is the one that I went to for advice on how to quilt when I was teaching myself with no place near by and no one to show me other than books. I would watch her guest show techniques and think "so that is how you do that". I used to go to her web page now and then and leave her a note saying thanks for this and that technique and she was always send me an e mail back. Seems like such a nice person, I haven't gotten into her on line stuff though at the Quilt Show - I just do not watch much of the quilting on line for some reason. Have fun at your workshop -- which state are you in I have forgotten?

Jill said...

Lucky you! I agree totally about the fabric choices. I prefer Kaffe over batiks any day. 30s repos is also a good choice. You do have the right outlook; you are there to learn and meet a charming quilt star. You can make a basket quilt in your fabric choices at a later date. Look forward to your sharing the experience to the rest of us who are envious. Enjoy!

Marie said...

Bummer about the fabric selection (I wouldn't want anyone selecting my fabrics either) but yaaaaaa about being able to meet Alex. Enjoy the workshop!

Karen said...

I took a two day class with Alex years ago. One of the best teachers I have experienced.

greg @ grey dogwood studio said...

Ok you have to give us the update! I learned to quilt using an Alex Anderson book (pre-Internet!) and I used to set my alarm clock so I could watch her show at 6:30am. I saw her at Quilt Festival last October but I didn't introduce myself. And I'd want the Kaffe or retro version, too!

colleen said...

Lol Alex Anderson lives in my area of the country and I have taken a class from her and seen her at various events and just around.
She is indeed a nice normal person and she does try to answer ever question you might have
My lol was you have Bonnie K Hunter over there on your side of the country and I'd love to have a class with her
C&T Publishing is in this area as are many well known people from the quilting community
I think it's like living in Beverly Hills/Hollywood and seeing well known people going about their daily lives but in the quilting community everyone is just so normal no airs and they are not mobbed by their fans/followers just acknowledged with a wave or smile