Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Jingle Border Progress: To-Do On Tuesday, Work-In-Progress Wednesday, Still Not Done Thursday, etc.

Happy Tuesday, and while I'm at it, Happy Wednesday, too!  I've been working on assembling my Jingle BOM block border with the setting triangles, a little bit each day, but I've only completely assembled and trimmed one side border so far.

Jingle Border Progress
It's really slow going because all of my carefully pressed and starched seam allowances in the pieced blocks came UNpressed when I soaked them in hot, sudsy water to get all the bleeding red dye out of the blocks.  It is neither easy nor fun to try to figure out which direction the seams are supposed to go and press these completed blocks back into submission one seam at a time!

Unruly Seam Allowances Post-Bloodbath
It feels weird to see my tiny hand stitches (TOO tiny, I now realize!) on the appliqué blocks as I'm sewing them to the setting triangles by machine.  I made these blocks so long ago, and handling them again feels like déjà vu.

See?  Too Many Tiny Stitches.  
Yet, since this is my first appliqué project, this is also the first time I'm sewing these dimensional blocks together. I'm not used to the bumpiness, and having to carefully avoid the raised appliqué shapes when I'm pressing the seam open with my iron. I am SO looking forward to quilting around the appliqué so the little birdies and leaves pop up even more!! :-)

I did measure that left side border that I completed this week, and determined that I should be able to fit a 6" finished border, or multiple borders totalling 6" finished width, between my large appliqué center medallion and this on point block border. But I'm not going to get ahead of myself -- right now I'm just focused on assembling this block border as carefully as I possibly can, and hoping that top, bottom and sides all end up the same size! If there's any fudging needing to be done, that will impact my options for the inner borders.

So my To Do Tuesday goal for this week is the same as last week's goal, to continue working on assembling the Jingle borders. I probably should have set this as a One Monthly Goal instead of a weekly goal, but whatever. I'm not even going to call them goals anymore, okay? From now on, I'm selecting a focus for each week instead of a goal. If I choose something to focus on, then as long as I actually work on it, I WIN! This is my hobby, and it's all about the process. If I ever finish anything, well, that's just a bonus prize. ;-)

One parting photo to share with you today: My Tabby Mountain Disco Kitty quilt has been gifted to my friend, and her cat Finn has indicated his approval:

Sir Finn Approves of His New Quilt
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Glenda said...

Your friends cat looks very very happy there and your quilt looks stunning displayed on her lounge. I like your Jingle BOM but sorry that the red ran some thing we all dread. Cheers Glenda

KaHolly said...

Give out a great big sigh, and keep up the good work. Slow and easy does it, and it will be finished and as pretty as your gifted quilt in now time. Love the pic of the gorgeous cat on the quilt. Your friend must have been over the moon to receive such a beautiful gift.

Kate said...

You'll be so happy to get that one all finished up. Any progress is good. I'm with you on thinking of it in terms of "focus" rather than "goal". Some months goals are out of reach, but focus is always possible. Good luck!

Zafira @Zarkadia said...

I have been practicing a more slow and careful way of working with all of my projects, and I noticed that I really enjoy everything more, I am 300% times more accurate, and I do not get frustrated with mistakes! That is a better way to do things.

Pam said...

Your Jingle BOM is looking awesome! Good applique! (tho i never use so many stitches-others do tho so it is your choice). Jingle is coming together very nicely. I was suprised to see a
kitty on your post but read it is the owner of the Kitty Disco quilt. Also thank you for the comment you left on my blog. Blogger has not yet worked out all the bugs so you and everyone who commented on my post came up as a no reply blogger. AARRGGH I hope they work this out soon.

Soma @ inkTorrents.com said...

The applique is wonderful. I hope to you got all the seams sorted out by now. Lovely colours on the Tabby Mountain Disco Kitty quilt. Finn is so adorable!! I am glad your friend shared the photo with you.