Saturday, May 23, 2020

Puppy of Procrastination

Remember that day when the only sewing I accomplished was an emergency rhinoplasty performed on a stuffed unicorn dog toy?  Totally worth it -- check out Samwise PuppyPants, napping with his unicorn like it's a pillow for his sweet, furry face.  I sewed up the gash where the unicorn's nose used to be nearly two months ago, and I'm astounded that the repair has held this long.  Let's hear it for heavy duty upholstery thread!!

Samwise Snuggling With His Best-Loved Unicorn Toy
Little Rottie dude is nearly 7 months old now, and he weighed 82 pounds the last time we weighed him (a few days ago).  

No One Can Resist This Face
Sam is such a snuggler.  He is also very much a lap dog, no matter HOW big he gets.  Anyone know where I can get a bigger lap?

THIS is What Keeps Me Sane During Quarantine!
Even though seven months is still very much a puppy for a large breed like the Rottweiler, every once in awhile I get a picture that shows me a glimpse of the big boy he's growing into, like this one.  Doesn't he look regal?

Majestic Mister Samwise, At Peace With Tennis Ball
Oh my gosh, you guys -- my mean husband just called out from the other room:

"Didn't you say you wanted to sew today?  Are you falling down a rabbit hole again?"

Umhmmm...  Shamed!!  Fine.  I'll go sew something, but only so I have something to write about next time.

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

sometimes it is hard to get in the mood isn't it!