Tuesday, July 28, 2020

OMG: Spirit Song Quilting Completed + Linky Party Launching August 4th

OMG indeed, you guys!  I think this might be the very first time that I've been able to link up at the END of the month for the One Monthly Goal linky party, because this July is the first time I've actually completed the goals I set for myself by the end of the month.  I had set two goals for July, one of them a quilting goal and the other a blogging goal.

✅ My July Quilting Goal: Finish Quilting Spirit Song

  • Finish quilting borders and blue HSTs with blue thread.
  • Rethread with off white thread, either So Fine #50 weight or Bottom Line top and bottom (haven't decided yet)
  • Finalize which background fill designs I want to quilt in which areas
  • Quilt fairly dense background fills in all of the white/cream/neutral patches

  • I did end up sticking with So Fine thread in the needle and Bottom Line in the bobbin for the background quilting.  It's so exciting to finally unpin a finished quilt from the frame and flip it over to finally get a good look at the quilting design from the backing side.  I can see now why Judi Madsen prefers to use solid backing fabrics to show off her quilting!  

    I am DELIGHTED to report that I can't find a single tuck or pleat anywhere on the back of this quilt, and it doesn't feel overly stiff to me, either, despite how heavily I've quilted it.  Especially considering that my quilt top was so heavily starched before I quilted it -- so I'm predicting that this quilt will come out of the wash even softer.

    I'm really happy with my design choices for this quilt, especially with the quilting.  I was able to practice lots of different motifs and quilting techniques, and I think I achieved my objective of making a straight set quilt with only one block look like a diagonally set quilt with two alternating blocks.

    In the photo above, you can see 2/3 of the quilt draped sideways over my frame.  This was the best I could manage for a photo of the whole quilt at this point.  

    ✅ My July Blogging Goal: Launch New Long Arm Learning Linky Party (Coming Tuesday, August 4th!)

  • Make a Linky Party Blog Button: Figure out the html code part of it so that the image functions as a button rather than just an image
  • Select a linking platform and create my account
  • Figure out the mechanics of actually creating a linky party and inserting the link up into my blog post so that others can join in the fun
  • Pick which day of the week and how long the party will be open for link ups
  • Finally, and crucially, I'll need to figure out how to spread the word about my new linky party so that those who might want to participate can find out about it. 

  • Did you notice my linky button up at the top of my left sidebar?  Go ahead and grab the code!  I think I did it right, but I'd really appreciate feedback about whether it works on your end.  I've also added a separate page tab for the Long Arm Learning Linky Party at the top of my blog, making it easy for new visitors to find all of the pertinent information.  

    I've set up an account with InLinkz and have created my first linky party, scheduled to launch a week from today on Tuesday, August 4th.  It will be a weekly linky party, open for you to add your links anytime from Tuesday morning through the end of the day on Friday.  And, even though I've created the linky party with the primary objective of connecting those of us who are working on developing our skills on a frame mounted long arm machine, I want to cast as wide a net as possible -- so if you are machine quilting on your domestic sewing machine, or on a table mounted mid arm machine like the HQ Sweet Sixteen or the Bernina Q20, you are 100% welcome and encouraged to participate, too.  There is a tremendous amount of crossover in terms of machine quilting design ideas, rulers, etc.  What's more, although many linky parties specifically exclude participants from linking up a post that promotes their quilting business, I want to especially encourage the many small quilting business owners out there to link up posts about the classes they are teaching online and in person, the ruler lines or notions they've developed to make quilting more successful and more fun, or the books they've written to share their knowledge and experience with those of us who are just starting out.

    What Can YOU Do to Help?

    As for my last goal, spreading the word, I'm asking YOU to help with that.  I already love all of you who regularly take the time to read and comment on my blog posts, but if you share this blog post with your machine quilting friends, I will love you EVEN MORE.  Please take a moment to share this post on your favorite social media platforms (Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)  and/or add the lovely button that I worked so hard to create to your blog sidebar.  Thank you so much!

    Tuesday's Weekly To-Do List:

    1. Write and schedule publication of my first linky party post for next Tuesday
    2. Continue to spread the word about the new linky party 
    3. Trim excess batting & backing from Spirit Song
    4. Digitize, machine embroider, & hand stitch Spirit Song label to back of quilt
    5. Make binding for Spirit Song, machine stitch to front of quilt, & begin hand stitching binding to the backing
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    Ramona said...

    Congrats!!! on the long arm finish of Spirit Song! You must be really doing the happy dance today. It looks gorgeous. I love all of your quilting motifs and how the quilting change the focus of the design. Well done!!

    Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

    your quilt turned out wonderful - it seems you have been so stressed and harsh on yourself but really it looks great and it there is even the tiniest mistake no one is going to see it and eventually even you will forget it is there!!
    good luck on your link party -

    Home Sewn By Us said...

    Hi Rebecca! Big huge congrats on finishing the quilting on Spirit Song. It is AMAZING that this is one block that is NOT on-point yet it sure looks like it is. The quilting looks beautiful on the backing, too. Also, congrats on figuring out the code for your linky party! I'm certain it will be a fabulous success. Thanks for linking up today. ~smile~ Roseanne

    Anonymous said...

    Congratulations on an awesome finish!! I love everything about this quilt...fabrics, colors, quilting design...everything!!
    I enjoy your blog so much and have enjoyed following along on this quilt’s journey...thanks for sharing!

    Sandra B

    momto1 said...

    You absolutely have the patience of Job. What a feat! You should be so proud of this accomplishment. It's a beautiful quilt with beautiful quilting.

    Plumdelice said...

    I am in awe of your quilt and full of admiration. I am not really a quilter, I quilt, but I'm no expert and I don't have your degree of patience. I aspire to a Q24 (haha), but I actually sew on a Bernina 790+. I am currently amassing a collection of Amanda Murphy rulers, the best I have yet tried, and am practising with them every chance I get, mixing ruler work with free motion.

    Anonymous said...

    Congratulations! I love this really happy quilt with its beautiful quilting.

    LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

    Spirit Song is so beautiful! Congratulations on finishing up the quilting - you worked so hard on it. Best of luck with your new link party for long-arming, too!

    Vicki in MN said...

    OMG Rebecca I am so happy for you that you are finished!! I have watched you labor over this from the beginning of quilting, and it is so worth every minute you spent on it. Beautiful!
    I am excited for your new linky party too! You know I will be there!

    Rebecca Grace said...

    Hi, Plumdelice! I hope you check back here for an answer. I tried to reply to you directly but you're set to "No Reply Blogger." Your Bernina 790 Plus is an awesome machine that I have heard only great things about. I do most of my piecing and all of my machine embroidery on a 750QE, and I love it. I hope you will link up with my Long Arm Learning party next week because I would LOVE to see what you're quilting with those rulers! If you don't have a blog or Instagram account, email me directly. Thanks for stopping by!

    BillieBee (billiemick) said...


    Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting said...

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, Rebecca! I'd encourage you to enter it in your state fair, but they seem to be all cancelled this year. I'm looking forward to your quilting link party!!!

    chrisknits said...

    OMDoodle!!! It is gorgeous! But it will be even more spectacular after you bind and wash it and snuggle with it!!

    MissPat said...

    Three cheers for finishing the quilting on Spirit Song. Now on to the binding and adding the label, a wash, and hurray, you're done. This will call for some special glamour shots. Good luck on the launch of the Linkup.

    Sue said...

    I love this quilt...it is so fabulous!

    TerryKnott.blogspot.com said...

    Congratulations on finishing the quilting. Your designs compliment your piecing. Well done!! I'm a domestic machine quilter. I'll think about being part of your Linky party. I appreciate the invite and being included!

    Janis said...

    What a beautiful quilt! Congratulations on getting the quilting done, it looks lovely. I appreciate your including those of us who quilt at home on our domestic machines in your upcoming linky party, there are always challenges to that process and a place to post and share about the experience sounds like such a good idea.

    Sharon said...

    It is beautiful Rebecca, love your work!! Your process has been inspiring and I thank you for the tip on the pebbles ruler, I ordered one and am having so much fun with it, I like the look of circles and I can finally make ones that look good.

    Pam said...

    This is one of the most beautiful quilts ever. The colors are perfect and the quilting is brilliant. I followed all your quilting travails-you have shown a lot of mastery.

    Rebecca Grace said...

    Thanks, Sharon! I tried to respond to you directly but you're a "No Reply Blogger." :-(. I'm so glad the ProPebbles ruler is working out for you. For me, it has been a total game-changer.

    The Joyful Quilter said...

    Spectacular job, Rebecca! Well done on achieving your OMG goals for the month of July.

    Zenia Rene said...

    Oh my! Spirit Song is STUNNING! I'm a new longarm quilter and am looking forward to your linky party!

    Zenia Rene said...

    FYI...the button in the top left of your sidebar is blank but I imagine it's supposed to look like the one in your blog post and that's one good looking button!

    Patty said...

    Beautiful quilting! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish!

    PaintedThread said...

    Wow, that is an amazing quilt! Beautiful work.

    Kate said...

    Absolutely gorgeous! Congrats on finishing off all the quilting and meeting your OMG. Hope the new linky party goes well.

    Andree G. Faubert said...

    Hi Rebecca, I'll be linking up when ever I do FMQ and will announce your link-up this week at the Free Motion Mavericks post. Your quilt looks amazing. You've done a tremendous job and learned so much. Congrats!!! Take care.

    Peacemeal said...

    There are not letters big enough for this OMG moment. I stopped breathing. Such an inspiration. I could spend my life looking at it (in my living room hanging on the wall...LOL)
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

    Mimi F said...

    I saw Spirit Song featured on another site. It took my breath away.I have looked longer at your quilting than at any quilt I've ever seen. Fantastic work of art!

    Muv said...

    Hello Rebecca Grace, it's absolutely gorgeous! You must be so pleased with it. Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks. Your quilt is this week's featured project!
    Love, Muv