Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Giverny Taleidoscope Quilt Progress

Hello, my lovelies!  Did you miss me all week?  Since my last post, I finished quilting my bear paw quilt (and I LOVE how the graffiti quilting came out), but it's still waiting to be labeled and bound because I had to play catch-up with my son's graduation quilt.

 4 Kaleidoscope Rows Completed, 3 Rows Remaining

I was thinking that I was right on schedule to have all of the kaleidoscope centers pieced by the end of March, and then I looked at my calendar again and realized that March does not have six weeks in it, after all.  36 block centers finished, but still 27 remaining to be made on the 23rd of March...

At least I've gotten all of the isosceles triangles cut out for all of the remaining blocks.

Isosceles Triangles Have Been Cut for All Remaining Blocks

Having my AccuQuilt GO! Cutter out and all of my kaleidoscope fabrics strewn all over my cutting table is the main reason why my bear paw quilt isn't trimmed yet.  But really, I felt like I needed to get caught up with piecing this deadline quilt before finishing up the one that's just for fun.

How do you like the name I'm kicking around for this work in progress, by the way?  The Giverny part is because the colors and fabrics remind me of Claude Monet's paintings of his water lily gardens in Giverny, and I decided it's a taleidoscope teleidoscope quilt rather than a kaleidoscope because kaleidoscopes have beads and other objects inside the instrument that shift in position to create the patterns that you see looking through them, whereas a taleidoscope teleidoscope just has the angled mirrors inside and a curve lens or marble at the end so the patterns you see through them are images of the actual world around you, but mixed up and combined in different ways.  I think my quilt is like what you would see if you were looking at Monet's garden through a taleidoscope teleidoscope.  When I ran this name by Son-the-Younger, the intended 17-year-old recipient of this quilt, he rolled his eyes at me.  I have decided that the eye-rolling gesture means "Great idea, Mom!  I love it!!"  😄

[Note: After writing, publishing, and linking this post to all my favorite linky parties, I discovered that the web site I'd referenced for the difference between kaleidoscopes had misspelled the type of scope I'm thinking of naming this quilt.  I am pretty sure I can't correct the spelling in the title of this blog post without breaking all of those links, but at least I had to correct the error here!  The correct spelling seems to be TELEIDOSCOPE, with the root TELE- like in "television," meaning viewed at a distance, and that makes complete sense to me since the teleidoscope rearranges objects that you are viewing through the scope at a distance, versus a kaleidoscope that creates images from small objects located within the instrument itself.  Glad I didn't embroider that quilt label yet!]

There are lots more photos on my camera roll and so many more things I could write about, but those quilt blocks aren't piecing themselves, so that's all you get today.

To-Do for Tuesday?  Um, I need to make LOTS AND LOTS more of these blocks.  My monthly goal for March was to finish making ALL 63 block centers by the 31st...

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

looks like you better get busy if you will be done with the sewing by the end of March - it is looking good.

TerryKnott.blogspot.com said...

Those kaliedoscope blocks are amazing. . each an every one. let's see. . .27 blocks remaining and seven days left in the month. . . .four blocks a day. . .certainly doable. . .IF you don't get sidetracked with another project which could happen!!! My fingers are crossed for you that you will meet your goal!

DonnaleeQ said...

Oh, those color are wonderful. Just beautiful to work with I am sure.

SJSM said...

Don't you hate that end of month surprise! When I encounter that it usually gets me going (personal goal). Sometimes I feel helpless and non-functional. The extra motivation of a known goal by many and the disappointment of your loved ones will give extra motivation (guilt). Guilt can be a positive thing at times. A little carrot and stick will get you there.

Jennifer Fulton Inquiring Quilter said...

Such a lovely quilt! Not such a bad thing I think to have to work full time on it for a while. Those fabrics are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing your progress on Wednesday Wait Loss.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Looking good, Rebecca! Best of luck on meeting your goal for block construction.

piecefulwendy said...

Ah, the eyeroll days - how I miss them (not)! I always learn something from your posts, usually about quilting but now I know more about kaleidoscopes and the other one that I can't spell. LOL. March pulled a fast one, didn't it, sneaking by so quickly. Your Giverny is looking good!

Anonymous said...



Elizabeth V Kelbaugh said...

Looking fabulous! Even if you are late finishing, surely he will not mind.

Tracie said...

I love these blocks and learning about a teleidoscope. My grandparents had one, and I always enjoyed looking through it. Happy sewing!

Janis said...

It's looking good so far and the fabrics you have cut and waiting are beautiful. I've done two paper pieced Kaleidoscope quilts - the first one queen sized - wow did that take a long time. Are you paper piecing? I'm sure you will reach your goal of finishing, hope you make it in the time frame you've set for yourself. Happy stitching!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

With my spelling abilities I wouldn't have known that teleidoscope was miss-spelled! but I totally think the Eye roll was excited approval for the name!! It was a sign it was meant to be! that is going to be a very cool quilt when it is all done!!