Monday, May 22, 2023

My Summertime Blues: Nanette's Stunning Blue Medallion Surprise Quilt

Good Morning, my lovelies!   Today I have a special treat for you -- a deep dive visual feast on an original medallion quilt designed and pieced by my client Nanette.  You can read all about Nanette's journey with this quilt, originally named with the working title My Surprise, then My Summertime Blues, and finally Blue Medallion Surprise, on Nanette's blog here.

Heather E2E Stitched in 40 wt Cotton King Tut Thread, Baby Moses

I know there will be at least three readers asking me where they can get a pattern for this gorgeous quilt.  There isn't any pattern available, though, as Nanette just began by making the center star and then came up with ideas for the borders one by one until her quilt had reached the size she wanted and felt finished.  This quilt is her totally original design.  I think she did an amazing job with both the design as well as the precision patchwork piecing.  Like all of Nanette's quilt tops, this one lay totally flat like a bed sheet, no lumps or bumps or unplanned fullness, with seam allowances neatly pressed to the side and those pinwheel intersections spiraled to lay nice and flat, too.  It feels like a treat when a quilt top arrives from Nanette, being able to see her work up close in real life after seeing those quilts come together virtually on her blog!

Nanette's 80 x 80 My Summertime Blues or Blue Medallion Surprise

And here's another surprise for y'all (NOT!) -- we're going to talk about THREAD again today!  Mwahahaha!!  😂😂😂.   Looking at the above photo of Nanette's quilt, the most important consideration to me as I was making quilting decisions was that the overall focus and impact of the finished quilt needed to be about the spectacular patchwork design.  I did not want people to notice the quilting first from across the quilt show hall, and I did not want the quilting design to compete with, detract from, or minimize the impact of all of those perfect little points on the flying geese, the pinwheels, and the stars.

Heather E2E Stitched in 40 wt Cotton King Tut, Baby Moses (Light Blue)

When Nanette and I discussed this quilt in consultation, I think I suggested a "lightweight blender thread like So Fine."  Actually, I know that's what I initially suggested because that's what was in my notes on my shop order form.  But when I actually loaded this quilt on my frame and started auditioning thread options against the fabrics, I wasn't loving any of the lightweight polyester thread options.  And then I grabbed the cone of King Tut 40 wt variegated cotton thread in color Baby Moses, a slightly variegated medium pastel baby blue that turned out to be an exact color match to Nanette's light blue batik fabric, and all previous plans went out the window!  (This post contains affiliate links).

This post will never get published if I write a paragraph to go with every photo, so I'm just going to let the pictures speak for themselves.  Notice how, by matching the quilting thread to that one light blue batik fabric that is used so much throughout the quilt, the quilting only stands out on the darkest navy fabric and the lighter blue triangles remain uninterrupted by visible lines of stitching:

I used Nanette's favorite batting for this quilt, Quilters Dream Cotton in Deluxe loft (50% thicker than the typical Select midloft cotton batting).

I just love these borders of twinkling stars and the way the Heather E2E quilting design swirls around them!

And yet, when you step back to admire the entire quilt at a distance, the quilting just recedes.

Way too many photos to choose from so I'm just dumping them on you like a wild woman!

Here's a close-up of that same center star so you can see how my beefy King Tut cotton thread creates dramatic, visible quilt stitches that add wonderful detail on close inspection.  It's the color selection this time, not the thread weight, that prevents the quilting design from overpowering the quilt:

But doesn't the quilting design look cool on the deep navy batik of the outer borders?  😍

I LOVE THIS QUILT!!  Here's what Nanette's masterpiece looked like when she sent the top to me for quilting:

Thank you so much for choosing me to quilt for you, Nanette, and best wishes with your upcoming quilt show entries!

And now, exercising extremely uncharacteristic restraint, I'm going to END this post instead of launching into a completely different topic.  I hope YOU have a great day and find some time for stitching!

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Pat at Bell Creek Quilts said...

What a wonderful quilt! From the piecing to the quilting! Great job ladies!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning!!

Brenda @ Songbird Designs said...

Beautiful quilt and quilting, Rebecca!

Sandy said...

Wow! The piecing on this quilt is absolutely perfect -- so many points! And, of course, your quilting, Rebecca Grace, is amazing. I love the color you chose. It adds interest in the darkest areas while all but disappearing in the lighter ones. Beautiful! said...

What a wonderful surprise finish. Nanette is a pattern designer!! Your quilting paired beautifully with her piecing. It is a WOW!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the work and colors beautiful!

Quilting Gail said...

An absolutely beautiful quilt with fantastic quilting!!!
Love it!
quilting gail

Anonymous said...

Rebecca, your post lifted my spirits this morning. I thank you for the wonderful words. I needed them. Hugs and get ready. I am going to start playing next week. Hugs.

Gretchen Weaver said...

WOW! Nanette's quilt is beautiful and your quilting made it even more so! You've done a wonderful job of enhancing the beauty of this quilt! This quilt is a show stopper!

viridian said...

Stunning, The pattern, the fabrics chosen, and the quilting!

Jennifer Fulton Inquiring Quilter said...

So gorgeous! The quilt is only enhanced by your perfect quilting selections. Thanks for sharing on my weekly show and tell, Wednesday Wait Loss.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Oh my gosh, what a tremendous job you did Rebecca on the quilting of Nanette's gorgeous quilt! It is altogether breathtaking!

Linda said...

Nanette chose the best quilter Rebecca! I love the thought you put into not only the quilting pattern but also the thread, and they were both just perfect for this amazing quilt. I learn so much when I read your posts!

Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting said...

All those tiny flying geese!!! Wow, Nanette was on a roll designing this quilt!!! And Rebecca, you have a way with finding the most fitting over-the-top pantos! Fabulous choice! Who makes that panto? Asking for a friend!

Gwyned Trefethen said...

You've done it again - breathed life into a pretty quilt. You give it that wow factor. Big fan of King Tut - especially the variegated threads. Good decision to go with Baby Moses.

dq said...

She really put so much work into this quilt, and then of course, there is your beautiful quilting!

Preeti said...

You take a beautiful flimsy and make it into a piece of art!
I have been thinking of you. Not sure if you noticed but there was some added traffic to your whining post about the North Carolina Star Accuquilt BOB Die from IB ambassadors. Fortunately or not, that is the die we have received to make a project in October.
Hope your birthday was awesome and Bernie and others spoiled you rotten! Big Hugs.

Anonymous said...

Rebecca, your quilting, your eye for design, your thread choices, are spot on. A win win for everyone. Would you, at some point, be willing to publish a post on how you chose your Bernina LA vs all the other options. Stand up vs sit down? 10’ vs 12’ frame. 20” vs 24” vs 30” opening. Bernina vs HQ vs Innova vs Gammill vs …? I really would love to read about your thought process in the selection of your machine. d

Rebecca Grace said...

Hello, Anonymous! Thank you. :-). You know, I have written reviews of several of my other machines, but I haven't written a review of my Bernina Q24 yet. I will add it to my list, but not sure how soon I'll get to it. Thanks for the suggestion!