Current Quilts In Progress

77 x 99 Anders' High School Graduation Kaleidoscope Quilt

52 x 72 Scrappy Christmas Tumbler Throw, Begun in December 2020

72 x 72 Jingle BOM, Pattern by Erin Russek (modified), Begun in April 2013
42 x 42 Letter Home to Baby, Begun in September 2020

120 x 120 Pineapple Log Cabin, Paper Pieced, Begun in June 2014

FrankenWhiggish Rose, Appliqué Block Based on Design by Kim Diehl, Begun in March 2014

Assorted Sampler Blocks, Farmer's Wife and Others, Mostly Paper Pieced, Begun in February 2016

65 x 65 Paint Me A Story, Original Design, Begun in May 2014

94 x 104 Nanu Nanu!  Mork & Mindy's Eighties Building Blocks, Adapted from Moda Modern Building Blocks Sampler, Begun in October 2016

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