Personal Quilts, 2019 to 2022

51 x 67 Christmas Gumdrops, 2020-2022

90 x 93 Lazy Day Quilt from Quilts! Quilts! Quilts! book, 3rd ed., 2021

110 x 112 Pineapple Juice Nostalgia, 2014-2021

24 x 24 Heartbroken, 2021

70 x 90 Giverny Teleidoscope, 2021

63 x 63 Color Outside the Lines, 2014-2021

48 x 59 Christmas Sweets Disappearing 9-Patch, 2021, E2E Quilting Detail

39 x 39 C is for Charlie, 2020

38 x 38 Butterflies in Margot's Garden, 2020

54 x 70 Sermon Scribbles, 2020

Sermon Scribbles, Custom Quilting Detail, Ruler Work + Free Motion, Hand Guided

68 x 90 Mission Impossible Original Design 2019; Juried into QuiltCon Together 2021


SEWButterfly said...

I love them! Awesome job!

Unknown said...


Janice Holton said...

My favorite part of visiting a new blog is looking at the quilts they've made. You definitely have a designer's flair! They are wonderful!

Rebecca Grace said...

Thanks, Janice! So few of my quilts ARE finished, unfortunately – I should make a new page with my UFO quilts!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.


saveplus said...

They all look too good and great .I love them all,Thank's for shearing

Diane Harris, Stash Bandit said...

I came to your blog after reading a thoughtful comment you left about ads and affiliate links on While She Naps. I like what you're doing here! Nice to meet you!

Anonymous said...

All that Rebecca does is 1st class.. She is a quilting genius IMHO! The NanuNanu is my all time favourite, it gives me joy every time I look at it! Thanks Rebecca for all you do to encourage the craft and to lift our spirits at this gloomy time.