Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pre-cut Rolls of ANIMAL PRINT Nylon Chiffon for Pettiskirt Projects!

I've just died and gone to fabric heaven (again)!  My friend Tammi's comment to my previous post about leopard print chiffon inspired me to do a quick google search, and I was delighted to discover that AFC Express has recently added pre-cut rolls of animal print nylon chiffon to their product offerings.  This is the site I purchased my turquoise nylon chiffon yardage from, and they definitely didn't have this stuff at that time.  They are selling each of these prints in 30 yard rolls in various widths from 2" to 10", perfect for pettiskirt projects of all sizes.  Can't you just see a zebra print pettiskirt with a red ribbon sash, or a cheetah print skirt with hot pink?  I'm sure I have grown as a person and learned valuable lessons from yesterday's folding and cutting ordeal, but I have a feeling I'm going to be making an animal print skirt the easy way with these pre-cut rolls next time.  Maybe I'll make the leopard print skirt in a women's size 6...  How embarrassed would Lars be if I wore a twirly princess skirt next time I took him to the grocery store?

Man, I can think of all sorts of uses for these precut rolls of chiffon...  They could be used as frill "stripes" going down a sheer drapery panel or bed drape for a funky 'tween girl's bedroom, for instance...


Anonymous said...

Uh Rebecca, I think that I will be the one wearing the next Pettiskirt you make! And I will wear it in Paris to the M & O. I want the Zebra print or the black and white cheetah because I have a pair of red shoes that would so totally be cool with it! And yes, I'm that size 6 you're writing about so get to work sister!

Rebecca Grace said...

Careful, Tammi dear -- if I send you a zebra pettiskirt, I'm going to be looking for a care package from you containing Grace panels for my master bedroom and some boeuf bourgignon (packaged separately, please)!

Janice the Manice said...

Yes, but do they have giraffe prints? Princess Petunia has a really cute beach/ camping chair in giraffe... And just how tricky are these skirts? Does one need a fancy wizarding machine or will mom's old relic from 1960 do the trick for me. I'm tempted to try one myself. What a fabulous idea for a night out on the town. Don't think I wouldn't wear one out for an evening of clubbing with my girfriends.

Rebecca Grace said...

Janice, I didn't see giraffe at this web site. And no, you don't need an enchanted computerized sewbaby to do this project. Your sewgranny can do it just fine, but you will want a ruffler foot for it. What is the make and model of your machine? Isn't it a White or something? Somewhere on the machine there should be a model number, inside the cabinet, on the machine itself, or on the instruction manual if you have that. I will even give you the pattern directions when I finish this skirt. Yippee!

Ivory Spring said...

Those fabrics are to die for!!!! I can't wait to see your finished skirt!

Thanks for sending me to mjtrim.com -- what an enabler you are! :)

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