Thursday, July 8, 2010

Oh Where, Oh Where is my New iPhone 4?!!

This is my first experience with Apple.  Well, the first since my husband made me get rid of my old Macintosh Classic from college because his friends were making fun of him.  The only apples I've touched in the last 12 years have been the kind with seeds in them.  So, silly me, when I heard that the new iPhone 4 was available, I thought that meant I could just go to a store, buy one, and take it home with me.  Wrong!  It means I have to wait forever for someone to assist me, and hope I don't hyperventilate from claustrophobia in the meantime from being crammed into the tiny Apple store with about a million other saps.  Only to have the zany, hip-looking sales boy tell me that they only have the new iPhone available for people who pre-ordered them three weeks ago.  Come again?  So I tried Best Buy, the AT&T Store, and Radio Shack.  Same story everywhere.  Why is Apple spending so much money hyping up a product that no one has available for sale?  Obviously they are deliberately creating a situation where demand exceeds supply to make everyone want it more, and when you know other people got on waiting lists to buy the phone you are supposed to think, "it must be a great phone if all these other people are willing to line up and wait for it."  Whatever. 

My Verizon contract is up, and my Blackberry has been driving me crazy with its tiny little screen and annoying quirks, and everyone who has an iPhone can't stop gushing about how great they are...  So on Monday, my husband went to the AT&T store and ordered my phone.  They told him it would ship directly to me, and I would have it in three days (or at least this is what he remembers them telling him), and when I get it I just bring it in to the store for them to switch everything over.  I waited patiently for three days, yet no phone has appeared.  I'm guessing either the sales guy at the AT&T store was lying to get the sale, misspoke accidentally, or else Bernie misheard him.  Everyone else was quoting lead time in weeks, not days.

This is so annoying.  Once I finally get the phone, I'm going to have to invest some time learning how to use it and how to get it synched up with my business email account, etc., and I hate learning new techno-gadgets.  I just want them to instantly work.  There should be an app that downloads the instruction manual directly into my brain, like in The Matrix.

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Susan said...

Oh, Rebecca. You'll love it. Just be patient. It won't take long to set up all your stuff. I'm not sure iPhones even comes with a user manual, its that easy to figure out. I love mine, and like many others "gush" about it too. Think of it as less techno-gadget, more sewing toy :-)