Friday, January 28, 2011

Completed Backsplash Tile, Utility Sink Relocation, & Kids' Bath Accessories

The backsplash tile was grouted and completed this week.  Because of the beveled edges on our field tile, the installer had to go back and wipe out the excess grout between each tile.
...and this is what the finished backsplash looks like.  Bernie installed the Brizo pot filler that coordinates with the Treso kitchen faucet.  The new range hood delivery was delayed by winter storms, so that won't be here until next week.  However, the under cabinet lights showed up on my doorstep today, so Bernie will be installing those over the weekend.

However, I have to say, THIS is one of my favorite parts of this whole project.  The ugly plastic utility sink with cheapo faucet and a heavy "patina" of staining and splattering with paint, stain, spackle, etc., has now been reinstalled in the garage, where it should have been in the first place!  No longer does this sink besmirch my laundry room! 

I've been waiting to show you the final touches on the boys' bathrooms until after their rooms were picked up:

This is the view from Lars's bedroom through his vanity area into the shared bath.  I found those adorable Alex Moody Monster Feet bath mats from Target, of all places, as well as the poison dart frog shower curtain and the orange striped bath mat in the shared bath.  I ordered each boy a few sets of monogrammed towels from Company Kids, dark blue with orange lettering for Lars, and bright green with navy blue lettering for Anders.  (No, I didn't monogram them myself -- I just don't have time right now to monogram 8 sets of towels!)  Now the inner bath transitions nicely into both open vanities and bedrooms, and it really feels "shared" since the walls are Lars's favorite color, Hyper Bright Home Depot Orange (?!), and the shower curtain is decorated with Anders' kindred animal spirit, the frog.
Here you can see how the Monster Feet rugs bring some of the colors of Anders' vanity wallpaper through into Lars's room, and how the blue in Anders' wallpaper ties in with Lars's wall color.

...And here's the view from Anders' bedroom into his vanity area.  He has the same Monster Feet bath rugs as Lars.  Aren't they adorable?  I don't shop at Target often, but I was searching online for frog shower curtains and I just stumbled onto these things that suited my needs perfectly.

In the immortal words of Porky Pig, "Badeep-badeep-buh-That's All, Folks!"