Sunday, February 20, 2011

Justin WHO? In Which Lars Accidentally Gets a Celebrity Haircut

  Up until early this week, this is what Lars's hair looked like -- on a good day, freshly showered, with no food, candy, or mysterious sticky substances creating squirrel's nest snarls in the back.  He insisted that he liked it long, that he didn't need a haircut, that he refused to have a haircut...  But we were scheduled to have a family portrait taken for our church directory on Wednesday, so I exercised my Maternal Veto Power and took both of my scraggly little hooligans to the hair salon for some neatening up on Tuesday evening.

 I love how the boys look so serious in their little red capes, and how Bernie and my hairdresser, Song, are cutting up in the background. 

Lars-of-Ours with His New 'Do
I decided it was time to clean up Lars's look a bit, especially since he wasn't taking an active role in styling or even BRUSHING the back of his hair.  He wanted to keep the hair long in the front, so he could sweep it out of his eyes.  I compromised and said he could keep it long in the front if we could shorten up the back.  So this is the haircut we ended up with.  Lars was happy, Dad was happy, but most importantly, MOM was happy, so everyone else got to keep on being happy!

Canadian Pop Star Justin Bieber
Unfortunately, when Lars went to school on Wednesday with his new haircut, the kids on the bus started teasing him mercilessly for looking like someone called Justin Bieber.  Apparently he is some kind of teeny-bopper heartthrob pop music celebrity that I had never heard of, and I certainly did not deliberately get Lars's hair cut to look like this kid.  Lars got mad and upset about the teasing, which of course only encouraged more teasing...  Can you believe one of the ringleaders of the taunting is a kid who impersonates Michael Jackson every day at recess?  At least Justin Bieber's look is current, and he doesn't seem to be a child molester or in denial about his racial identity or gender or anything...  It's so hard to keep out of these things, but we advised Lars to "just ignore them and they'll eventually stop when they can't get a rise out of you anymore."  If that doesn't work, we'll have to rent Monty Python & the Holy Grail again and practice up on our French Taunting skills.  ;-)

What do you think?  Does Lars look like Justin Bieber?  I see a slight resemblance, but I think Lars is way cuter and has a much better haircut.  I think that Justin kid looks like his wig is on backwards.


Anonymous said...

well, the boys actually went to their hairdresser and paid big bucks for this specific haircut so yeah...that is kewl.

Janice the Manice said...

Well, my James is obsessed with Justin Bieber and walks around the house absent-mindedly singing his songs. And where did he learn these songs you might ask? Why, at school of course.