Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lucas Is Naked! That's So Inappropriate!

Our piano tuner came this morning.  I guess the boys have been at school all the other times the piano has been tuned, because they were fascinated when the piano technician opened up the piano and started working on it.  Both boys crowded around the piano, peppering the man with questions as he worked.  Anders exclaimed, "Lucas is naked!  That's so inappropriate!"  To which Lars responded, "He only has his shirt off.  If he took his pants off, that would really be inappropriate!!"

Of course the piano technician is looking totally confused and a little uncomfortable at this point, probably wondering if Lucas is one of the kids or if Lucas is someone else who might come streaking through the living room at any moment...

Lucas is our piano (named after Lucas Films -- it's a Star Wars thing).
Sorry, Joe!

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Joann Mannix said...

Lucas IS naked!

Ok, I'm back from vacation and once I again I have a way too long story for you about our piano tuner.

Our piano tuner was a young, handsome guy named Nick. Nick also owned the piano store where we bought the piano. The first time Nick came to our house to tune the piano was a few days after we bought it. (Sadly our piano doesn't have a name. It's a grand piano, sleek and black, so I'll have to think of a good one.) I was struck by what a chatty guy he was. He stayed for awhile just chatting us up.

Flash forward a few years, Nick was coming for, ooh I got it, Denzel's regular tuneup. I scheduled the tuneup for 4:30. Nick arrived on the dot and tuned the piano. And then, the talking began. And kept going and going and going.

By 6:00 my husband was still not home and I kept excusing myself to go call him and threaten him with bodily injury if he didn't get his butt home to give Nick the polite heave-ho. Sadly, my husband was tied up at work and kept promising he would make it asap.

I kept trying to get rid of Nick, but nothing worked. When I mentioned the lateness of the evening at 6:30, Nick said he was surprised my husband wasn't home yet, but he'd like to wait for him to say hello.

When I told him I wasn't sure when my husband would be home, Nick said it was okay, he had nothing better to do. Now, this was a young handsome guy. I was a harried mother with three small children. Most young guys would have hightailed it out of there at that time of night, when the chaos of young children is at its peak.

And I will have to say, Nick was not in any way threatening. He was just annoying. My husband finally made it home. At 7:00. And Nick was still there. And talking to my husband like he was his long, lost best friend. By 7:30, our kids were getting hungry. We eat late so this wasn't anything new, but I hadn't had a moment to cook anything up since I knew Nick would have just followed me into the kitchen.

We decided to cook up frozen hamburgers, since I hadn't prepared anything. When my hubs announced Nick had to excuse us since we were going to go make dinner, Nick said he'd be glad to help us with dinner.

I wish I were kidding.

Nick stayed and at 8:00, he was eating burgers and fries from the freezer with us, announcing that he loved being around us.

At 9:00, my hubs finally told Nick that he had to go, that we had children to put to bed. Of course, Nick insisted on saying goodnight to the kids from their bedroom doorways before he left.

It was one of the most surreal nights of our life.

Recently, we needed Denzel tuned and reluctantly I called Nick's store. A man who answered the phone told me he was the new owner. Nick had sold the place because the man claimed Nick was bad at managing. I can't imagine what he meant.

Thankfully, our new piano tuner, tunes Denzel and then promptly leaves. There are no frozen hamburgers involved.