Monday, July 25, 2011

Puppies at Rest & Puppies at Play

Good Morning!  It's a busy day today, with a meeting at 10, cleaning service coming late morning, and design renderings for clients that need to be worked on this afternoon.  Lars and Anders are at a nearby day camp this week playing laser tag, bumper cars, bowling, and arcade games, so I'm looking forward to a productive week in a clean, quiet house.

Otto & Lulu Relaxing in Mommy's Office
I'm trying to remember to take frequent pictures of the puppies since they're growing so fast and soon it will be hard to remember what they even looked like at this age.  They'll be seven months old on August 5th; can you believe it?!  I took the above photo of the pups in my office a few minutes ago.  They look so expectant because I just asked them to lay down, and they are waiting for the dog cookies that they know I have in my desk drawer.  Everydoggy loves a treat fairy! 

Otto Snoozing in the Foyer

This one I took a few days ago, after the dogs got back from a walk.  When they're not playing, they're usually resting or sleeping, but they get up and follow me as I move throughout the house.  I love how Otto's face smooshes up onto the floor, but he'll have one eye open so he can watch everything that's going on around him.

These pictures are terrible; I need to get Bernie's big Nikon beast out to get some decent shots of the pups in motion.  Still, had to share how Bernie has been playing soccer with the puppies in our back yard.  They tear around and chase after the ball, hitting it with their nose or feet, and Bernie has trained Otto to jump up in the air to "spike" the ball.

Too bad the picture is so blurry!  Can you see how much fun Otto is having?  He loves playing soccer with Bernie.

Pretty Miss Lulu

Here's a great picture of our Pretty Girl, Miss Lulu.  Do you like her pink and green argyle collar?  That's what all the lady athletes wear on the golf course...  I know; I'm a piece of work.  Lulu is our little instigator.  She'll choose a chew toy, then walk over and plop down within a few inches of Otto and start taunting him, chewing her bone like it's the most amazing treat in the world until Otto starts barking and whining.  She loves to play keep-away with toys, chase, and one of her favorites, charge at your brother, leap into the air, and land on his face. 

Okay, enough puppy love!  Back to work!

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