Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Portes à Paris: Doorways to Paris

When I stayed in the Latin Quarter of Paris in January 2010 and again a few weeks ago, I was fascinated by old doors like these:

I took so many pictures of entrance doors and gates; I wonder what I will do with all of them?  I love the dark cherry red color of the doors pictured above.

Front Doors to Notre Dame Cathedral

An Interior Door in Notre Dame Cathedral

One of many secondary entrances to the Louvre
Door of our Hotel Room
Interior Doors at Versailles

Interior Doors at the Louvre, "N" for Henry of Navarre, a.k.a. Henry IV
I can envision a quilt with each block a different doorway.  It would be a combination of patchwork , applique and embroidery to recreate all of these doors.  The paneling and carved woodworking would be quilted in, the ironwork would be embroidered in black thread...  I hope I have enough time someday to make all of the quilts that are in my head!

What else could I do with my doorways? 


Ivory Spring said...

I enjoyed your Paris posts. I might have to borrow some inspiration for quilting from those door pictures.

Thanks for your kind words on my Thread Talk posts... it's also affirming to hear comments about those posts. :)


Regina at Fauxology said...

These are all lovely -- what a great idea for the quilts! I hope to see Paris very soon. Thank you for taking us there!