Friday, September 2, 2011

Anders' Birthday, Back to School, and Puppies

Anders Celebrated his 8th Birthday with Star Wars Laser Tag
We did Anders' birthday differently this year, scheduling his party for the 27th of August instead of the week of his birthday (August 13th).  This worked really well; summer birthdays are difficult because so many people are out of town.  Anders chose a laser tag party again (need I even ask anymore?) with a Star Wars theme. 

Lars and Anders unloading their school supplies from the car
The boys started school on the 24th.  Lars is in 5th grade and Anders is in 3rd, and they are both in the same school again this year.  That should make my life a little easier!  Notice the grouchy expressions in this picture -- apparently it's annoying when your mom follows you into school with a camera on the first day of school.  Not that that stopped me or anything...  I felt like the back-to-school paparazzi, though, sneaking around with the zoom lens and taking pictures behind doors while the boys weren't looking.  I just now noticed that I packed Lars's school supplies in an empty wine case.  I promise I did not send him to school with a year's supply of cabernet sauvignon.
Clandestine Shot of Lars in his 5th Grade Classroon

Anders Unpacking Supplies in his Classroom

Otto, Lulu & Bernie Heading Out for a Walk
The puppies are getting bigger every day, and I know I haven't been taking enough pictures of them so I brought my camera on our walk yesterday.  Otto is in the turquoise blue harness and Lulu, also known as Princess Puppy, is in hot pink.  At nearly 8 months old, Otto is 77 pounds of solid muscle and Lulu weighs in at 65 pounds.  The Freedom harnesses, available here, have velvet lining so they don't chafe against the dogs' fur, and my trainer recommended them to give us more control over the dogs as they get bigger.  Since they know that the harness means a walk is coming, both dogs love them.  Lulu can't wait for me to put hers on; she shoves her head in and tries to do it herself.  We're walking them separately most of the time (also at our trainer's suggestion) but we took them out together yesterday in order to fit a walk in before we went to the dentist.

It's hard to believe we're headed to Paris for Maison et Objet in just four days.  I have a million things to do before I leave, including renting or purchasing a trombone for Lars (he's in band at school this year), wrapping up some loose ends with work, and of course I have to battle the never-ending laundry or else I won't have anything to pack. 

In fact, I have no business blogging at all right now.  À bientôt!

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