Monday, July 30, 2012

Drunken Dragons Quilt FMQ: The Final Stretch

Blazing Sun or Rose of Sharon?
Okay, so this is what I'm doing to fill in some of the dead space around the digitized quilting motif I stitched in the center of each circle of my drunkard's path quilt.  I probably should have practiced this first before starting in on the actual quilt,  because for one thing, I'm not executing this design very smoothly.  Furthermore, now that I step back and take a look at it, what I intended to be quilted flames shooting out from my blazing suns now looks an awful lot like LEAVES around a ROSE OF SHARON flower.  Shhh...  Don't tell Lars I'm quilting flowers into his Drunken Dragons quilt!  At this point, I just want to be finished already and on to something else.  I'm hoping that my flames/leaves will get better as I work my way throught the 35 quilt blocks, so I'm skipping around all over the quilt top as I do the free motion "flames."  The idea is that the wobbly early attempts will be less noticeable if they aren't all consecutive.  I suppose I could add more flames and/or echo quilting between the flames.  I'm going to quilt a few more this way tomorrow, then step back and make a decision.  Nothing good happens in my sewing room after 10 PM anyway!

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Jenny K. Lyon said...

It looks lovely Rebecca! If you are like me, you will definitely have a "Visible Learning Curve" which I think adds "character" to the quilt!