Friday, July 27, 2012

Plodding Along with FMQ

Quilting Along on the Drunken Dragons Quilt for Lars
When my boys left for Florida without me on July 15th, I consoled myself with the thought of how much quilting I was going to get done while they were off galavanting around with their grandparents for three weeks.  You know that expression, "Life is what happens while we're making other plans?"  I've been doing a lot less quilting than I'd planned and a lot more moping around the house, sniffing their pillows and missing their boisterous noisiness.  I had this grand ambition of completely finishing Lars's Drunken Dragons quilt and having it on his bed in his bedroom when he arrived home on August 3rd, but I'm not sure if I'm really on schedule for that anymore.  The good thing is that, now that I'm past the halfway point and they'll be home in 8 days, I'm not feeling so gloomy anymore and that gives me the positive energy to get back in the sewing room and put my goofy rubber quilting gloves on again!

I did get a call from one of my favorite design clients on my secret bat phone a few days ago, so I'm coming out of my self-imposed hibernation to help her with some pillows and bar stools.  I got such a warm welcome when I stopped by the design showroom yesterday that I felt like the Prodigal Son.  Kill the fatted calf!  Rebecca needs pillow trim again! 

I promised myself that this would be a brief post so I could get back to quilting.  Speaking of which -- it's coming along pretty well, and I really do see it getting better and easier.  I'm looking forward to some smaller quilting projects after this is finished, so I can experiment with some different FMQ designs. 

8 Days until my little cuties come home!

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