Saturday, August 17, 2013

New Fabric for my Jingle BOM Project: Poinsettia and Holly by Martha Negley for Westminster

Poinsettia & Holly in Holly Green by Martha Negley for Westminster, available HERE from Pink Chalk Fabrics
I changed my mind about the fabric for the large setting triangles and border on my Jingle Block-of-the-Month quilt.  All of the pieced and appliqued blocks for this quilt will be set on point with red setting triangles in this red poinsettia fabric:

Winter Magic Scarlet Poinsettia, Hoffman Fabrics, available HERE from Quiltable Fabrics
and the large center applique medallion is supposed to also be set on point with green setting triangles that match a green outer border, like so:

Jingle BOM as of today, Design and Image by Erin Russek of One Piece At a Time HERE
(The image above is from Erin Russek's blog, One Piece At a Time, and shows all of the blocks that have been released so far.  The white squares will be replaced with additional pieced and appliqued blocks.  All patterns and instructions can be found on Erin's blog HERE).  Back in April when I started this project, I selected the red poinsettia fabric and this green swirl fabric for the setting triangles and borders:

Winter Wonderland Scrolls in Green, Windham, available HERE from Pappy's Quilting
I had thought this scroll pattern would be fun to quilt, but now that I've got about half of the blocks done, I am not loving this shade of anymore.  It's too muted, not at all like the vibrant emerald greens I've been using in the blocks, and there will be an awful lot of this fabric in the finished quilt.  So it goes into the stash, put away for another project on another day.

I found this Martha Negley Poinsettia & Holly, Holly Green fabric at Pink Chalk Fabrics and I think it's going to be much better -- I hope!  I love the red berries, since there are so many little red applique berries in the blocks, and similar to how my red poinsettia fabric reads as a solid from a distance, I think this holly fabric reads as a solid green with random red polka dots from a distance, so hopefully these fabrics won't compete with my pieced and appliqued blocks.  I'll be able to tell for sure once I receive the yardage and I can lay everything out on the table.  In the meantime, I did a little mock-up in my interior design software to try to get an idea of how the quilt will come together:

VERY Rough Idea of How My Jingle Quilt Might Look
That's a VERY rough mock-up, because nothing is to scale, and the green holly print fabric is WAY out of scale.  I also purchased enough yardage of the Natural colorway in this print so I can use it for the backing and/or swap out the large green setting triangles if I feel like there's too much green once all the blocks are completed.

I really like this fabric in both colors, so if I end up not using either one of them in this quilt I won't mind stashing them away for something else. 

Meanwhile, I'm way behind on the blocks for this project.  I have two appliqued blocks, the large center applique medallion, and one more pieced block before I'm caught up.  I've been trying to get better organized with this project, so I'm working on prepping all of the applique shapes on my kitchen counter and sorting them into little ziplock bags that I can grab and take with me on the go.  I didn't get much sewing of any kind done this week because Anders' had his sleepover birthday party last night (didn't get much SLEEPING done, either!) and we've been getting ready for school with supply lists, trying on clothes that don't fit anymore, etc. 

I never know how to END these posts, you know?  So how about this:

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