Thursday, November 21, 2013

Help Me Choose Lars's School Photo! An Internet Poll

The deadline for ordering school pictures with the Early Bird discount is tomorrow, and I can't decide which proof to select for my seventh-grader, Lars.  From my younger son's proofs there was a clear winner that both Bernie and I easily agreed upon, but this year we were pleasantly surprised (remember his demented school photos from years past) to have several good pictures of Lars to choose from, and we just can't make up our minds.  Please help!

Option One: Here Lars looks very serious, sweet as an angel, and contemplative.  This is like an altar boy head shot, or the perfect photo to attach to a prep school application, but he is not looking directly into the camera -- so we'll call this the Serious Away option:

Option One: Serious Away
Option Two: Here Lars is also looking serious and projecting Big Kid Maturity, but looking straight at the camera this time.  This is the Serious At Camera option:

Option Two: Serious At Camera
Option Three: Here, Lars is cracking up laughing at something the photographer said to make him smile.  His eyes are twinkling, and his personality shines through.  Twenty years from now, this photo would remind me EXACTLY what Lars was like when he was twelve:

Option 3: Twinkly Eyes
Now, which do you prefer?  My husband likes the Serious ones the best, and he says I should definitely send one of the serious ones to his parents and not the cute twinkly-eyed one.  I kind of want one serious and one twinkly one to capture both sides of his personality, but I'm not sure which serious one to pick.  Therefore, I'm opening it up to an internet vote!  If grandparents are reading this post and have opinions about which picture they prefer, they should speak up in the comments, email me directly with their preference, or forever hold their peace.

The above photos were taken by St. John's Photography, and since they are proofs, I am posting them on the Internet without their knowledge or permission.  A mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do...  Ahem.  Please cast your vote below.  The poll will close on Friday at 8 PM, since tomorrow is the deadline for the discount on my photo order:

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JanetD said...

As a parent of 3 grown sons I vote for the twinkly eyes. I have always enjoyed the pictures that caught the "real boy" in their pictures, school or otherwise. As a grandparent it kind of depends on how often I get to see said child. If not very often I vote for option 1 as I just want to remember what they look(ed) like. Just MHO. Either way he's a cute guy.

Grampa said...

Of the serious ones I prefer 1 (away). I like the smiling one best, though.

Grampa said...

I like 1 & 3.