Friday, November 8, 2013

Jingle BOM Applique Block 8 Completed!

Jingle BOM Applique Block 8
I've finished another applique block for the Jingle BOM (Block of the Month) quilt I'm working on!  This is my husband's favorite block so far, so it's kind of fitting that I finished it up on his birthday.  Happy birthday, Sweetie!  Of course, looking at the pictures, now it is bothering me that when I "eyeballed" the placement of the circles in the very center of the block, I was off and it's CROOKED.  But I do love the print fabric that I used on those four large petals -- I've had that in my stash forever and this is the first time I've been able to use it.

Before you all start congratulating me on my progress, know that I still have not even started applique block 7, the large center medallion applique, and I am behind 5 pieced blocks as well.  So the odds are, this is NOT going to be done in time for Christmas 2013.  Which is fine; after all, it's all about the process, not a race to the finish line!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


Lani said...

Beautiful job on this block Rebecca Grace. You can totally see the
progression on your hand applique.

This block looks PERFECT!!!!

Lovely quilt!

Ivory Spring said...

What an awesome block!

Lane said...

There will be lots of Christmases. I've just pulled out one I started last year...maybe I'll finish this year. Or maybe next. Be well. Love the block. Lane