Monday, August 8, 2016

Vintage Block QAL Block 3, Beggar Block

Vintage Block QAL No. 3, "Beggar Block"
Oh, fine -- so I didn't make a start on my skirt like I wanted to.  The day got away from me; by the time I finished all the work that HAD to get done, it was late afternoon.  Only enough time and energy to throw together another quick and easy block before dinner time.

Charise's Beggar Block, from Charise Creates here

This is the third block in Charise's Vintage Block Quilt Along, "Beggar Block," and Charise found the block in a circa 1929 Kansas City Star.  You can find Charise's tutorial and pattern for a 12" block here, but my block finishes at 6" so I can mix it in with my sampler blocks from other sources.  I love Charise's sweet vintage-inspired fabrics and her fussy-cut typographical fabrics, but I felt like playing with brighter, bolder colors for this block.  The small size of the fabric patches made them perfect for that 2014 Kaffe Fassett Collection jelly roll that has been languishing off to the side in my studio for awhile now.  The black center square with multicolored dots is a scrap from the second quilt I ever made, and the blue and green Kaffe Fassett prints are also in my pineapple log cabin quilt.  I kind of like it when every quilt is connected to other quilts.

What I MEANT to do -- the other orange goes in the top right corner
I'm not sure I love how this block came out, though.  To be honest, I had it laid out differently but when I pieced the rows together, somehow the center row came out upside down so I ended up with two orange "bows" together and two blue "bows" together.  I didn't realize this until AFTER I had starched and pressed the finished block, unplugged the iron, and turned off the sewing machines.

See? Center row is flipped, so two oranges adjacent
Whatever.  At the moment I don't feel like taking it apart, and so it stays.  Here is the wall full of completed 6" sampler blocks:

Assorted 6" Sampler Blocks
Perhaps tomorrow will be the day I get started on that skirt...


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

Your blocks are all looking great

Pam said...

It took me awhile before I could tell the difference between your block and the other. I don't think it makes any difference. the main difference bewtween your blocks is your cross band is more dominant while hers blends into her fabric. So that dominance would still be there if you changed the placement.
That said-I like your green-I think it is bold and matches the kaffe fabric and your other colorful blocks.
And that how I REALLY feel!