Saturday, November 5, 2016

Another Wicked Little 6" Sampler Block: EQ7 Block 2968 Wisconsin

So after the not-so-peaceful "Peaceful Days" block was finished, I thought I'd make another 6" sampler block using a pattern that I found in my EQ7 block library.  The EQ7 notecard identifies the block as Wisconsin (Hearth and Home).  I picked this block because it was giving me a vintage vibe and I thought it would blend nicely with the 6" blocks from the Farmer's Wife Sampler books and the Vintage Quilt-Along blocks.  Hmmm...  I wonder what made this block look so vintage to me, so subtly different from the blocks I usually see in quilts today?  Could it be some wickedly wonky set-in zigzag seams to join the outer units to the center star?!  I didn't notice this until I had already started making the block.  It's not the end of the world. 

6" Sampler Block (No. 2968 from EQ7 Block Library)
I used my EQ7 software to audition color/value/print placement for this block before cutting into any of my actual fabric.  If I wanted to spend a lot of time on it, I could have scanned in the actual stash fabrics I wanted to use, but as you can see, I was able to find close enough approximations in my "virtual stash" to know whether what I envisioned in my mind would look good once it was cut up and sewn together in real life:

EQ7 Mockup with Similar Fabrics
I foundation paper pieced this block, but that method only got me this far before I had to resort to Old-School Traditional Putz-Putz Machine Piecing:

Paper Piecing Completed, Time to Sew This Mess Together
I wasn't really in the mood for this, and I had lots of other things going on in "Life" over the past few weeks that were eating up a lot of time, so I let the block languish and eventually got it done by sewing just ONE SEAM PER DAY.  Now that it's done, I think I need something mindless and easy as a palate cleanser, like another pineapple log cabin block.

Here are my assorted sampler blocks so far:

6" Sampler Blocks
And here's the entire design wall, kind of a Hall of Shame for all of the projects I've started and abandoned over the past year.  Except that only about half of my projects-in-progress even fit on the wall.  The others are packed away.  And yes, having run out of room on the wall, I did pin the one giant 30" block RIGHT ON TOP of another neglected quilt top...

My Design Wall of Shame
Meanwhile, I have two services of singing in church tomorrow, followed by a Confirmation Stepping Stone event to attend with my son Anders.  Then laundry to fold, a Thanksgiving menu to plan, lunches to pack, a house to clean, a birthday to plan, and somewhere in there I need to put in some time to brush up on rusty math skills (don't ask; I'll tell you about that one when I'm ready).

Happy November, everyone!

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Jenny K Lyon said...

I always enjoy your posts. Brushing up on math?

colleen said...

Pineapple + math 👍🏻

Ariane said...

You did it, and it looks great. Now you will really appreciate the easier blocks. Lol! But be proud of yourself for not giving up and sending it to your UFO pile.

Ramona said...

You have some wonderful quilty eye candy on your design wall! You are right... your peaceful block does have a vintage feel to it...and looks anything but peaceful to make!

Pam said...

I love your new block and the fact that it was foundation pieced. Your blog also maybe answers my posed question about whether an entire block can be pieced entirely in one go or, as in your complicated block, you have to use several foundation pieced sections. This is the conclusion I came to as I pieced my diamond triangles. Also, please don't call your lovely blocks and creative works your wall of shame because you have several projects in the works. It is easy for older retired persons to stay focused because we do not have the full life that you younger women do with active children, a creative job, a musical passion and all that goes with that. We just enjoy seeing the outcome of your creativity.

Janice Holton said...

Rebecca, I like that you sewed one. seam. a. day to get that block done. Now that's a great way to spread out the grief. I think I shall try that with one of the projects I have been procrastinating about. If I can just sew for 5 minutes (starting is the hard part) then it will eventually get done and who knows? 5 minutes might turn into 10 or 20 and I get more done than I thought I would. Thank you for the idea. Good luck in getting all your many activities prioritized!

Beth @ Cooking Up Quilts said...

Your posts always make me smile or laugh out loud. 'Putz-putz machine sewing' cracked me up! I'm glad you were able to finish this block. I like the look of it and yeah, it looks like some wonky seam work, but it looks great. Geesh, I can't believe you dared to pin a block on top of another project!! LOL I've done that a time or two and I always feel a bit rebellious when I do - like I'm sticking it to the quilt police or something! I hope your month doesn't get too crazy with time commitments and you get to spend time doing some sewing. Thanks for linking to MCM. :)

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

Really enjoyed reading your post. I hide my shame in a little suitcase :)

Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap! I really like your block!!

Kaja said...

One seam a day sounds like a good way to get something done when you've lost that impulse. I like this block a lot and think your design wall looks amazing. Life with kids is so full of other things we should be proud that we manage to sew at all; there's no shame in taking a bit of time to get things done!

Kate said...

Your sampler blocks are amazing! It's going to be a beautiful quilt. I like your approach of one seam a day. When I've got something I really don't want to do, I make myself spend 15 mintues with it and then I can move on to the more fun stuff.

Rebecca Grace said...

A Suitcase of Shame!!! I need one of those! Talk about “psychological baggage…” ;-) Love it!

Vesuviusmama said...

What a wicked little block! I'd have taken one look at those wonky seams and run screaming in the other direction! Good on you for following through! It looks great!

Run 'n Stitch said...

You are patient and relentless. A seam a day is a good strategy and look at that block. Amazing. Your quilt wall looks great.