Saturday, November 30, 2019

Tentative Quilting Plan for Jingle and More Spirit Song Birds In the Air

Alright, you guys -- my #1 priority quilting goal for the month of December is to get as much of this Christmas themed Jingle project quilted as I can.  It's not loaded on my frame yet, but here's what I've accomplished since I posted about it a few days ago:

  • Located a package of Hobbs 80/20 Cotton/Poly batting in my stash that can be cut down for this quilt
  • Ordered and received a package of Quilter's Dream Wool batting to layer over the 80/20
  • Located the 108" wide backing fabric and prewashed it in HOT water to shrink it as much as possible (all of the blocks in this quilt had to be soaked repeatedly in boiling hot water with Dawn dish detergent due to a dye bleed, so I'm certain that most of their shrinkage has already taken place)
  • Reviewed my notes from the longarm quilting workshops I took with both Lisa Calle and Judi Madsen during Spring Quilt Week in Paducah earlier this year
  • Ordered and received a new ruler gadget from Lisa Calle's online shop to assist with stitching in the ditch around all of this applique
  • Started a tentative custom quilting plan on my iPad in the Notes Plus app -- I just import the photo to the app from my iCloud photos, stretch it to fill the page, and then I can sketch quilting designs directly on the photo as you see below:

Tentative Quilting Plan for Jingle Quilt
Cool, huh?  I know quilters have a lot of different ways they try out quilting motifs on a quilt, like dry erase markers on vinyl, etc., but doing it on my iPad means I can doodle through a gazillion options whenever I have some down time.  What do you think so far?  I like those ruler work designs that I put on the inner setting triangles and I know that if I mark them carefully, I should have no trouble executing them on the longarm.  The feathers in the outer setting triangles I'm not so sure of.  I think I'd have to mark them all ahead of time and follow the marked lines to avoid the dreaded String of Ogre Toes look, but if I can do that successfully on a practice piece, I might give it a go on the real quilt.  Otherwise/instead, I'll do one of those piano key things where every other stripe is filled in (I tested that idea out on some of the red setting triangles near the top).  I don't know how well the yellow "ink" shows up on your screen, but all I did for the center medallion is come up with reference points to make a giant X behind the applique, so I can break that area up and do one fill inside the X and a different fill design in the V-shaped areas outside of the X.  Not sure what either of those fills might be, but I'll definitely have to mark the big X prior to loading the quilt.

I picked the doodling "inks" based on what would show up on the photo, but I'm actually planning to use Superior's Antique Gold Metallic thread on those red and green setting triangles if all goes well.  I'll use monofilament for all of the stitch in the ditch between borders, blocks, and around the applique, and an off-white shade of So Fine for the background fills behind the applique.  I think I want to get some lighter weight Bottom Line thread to put in the bobbin with my metallic and monofilament threads, and I don't have any of that on hand, so that's on my To Do list for this week:

  1. Locate my Superior Bottom Line thread color chart and select bobbin colors to coordinate with quilt backing (for monofilament), metallic threads, and possibly for background fills as well.  Order cones of thread from Superior.
  2. See whether I already have an arc template for the spine of those triangle feathers.  If not, figure out what size I need and order it.
  3. Test out feather design on sample quilt
  4. Mark medallion X and feather spines on quilt top
  5. Load the Jingle quilt on the frame!

Meanwhile, I spent some time sewing up some more Birds In the Air blocks for my Spirit Song Dress Code quilt today:

121 Blocks Complete out of 192 Needed; 71 Blocks to Go

This one is also reminding me of pink lemonade.  I know it's obnoxiously bright, and I don't care.  If I can just finish the blocks, I can clean up the giant fabric mess and refocus my attention on the longarm machine.  I keep telling myself that, and then I say I'll just sew a couple more of these HSTs and then I'll stop...

Well, I've got church in the morning and then we'll spend the entirety of Sunday afternoon returning Son the Elder to his college campus.  It was a very low-key but restful Thanksgiving holiday at our house -- just what the doctor ordered!

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I think your quilt designs look great for this quilt. Good luck in your practice and hope you find all the thread you need - take a deep breath and say you can do this!

Lakegaldonna said...

Looks like a great quilting plan! Like Karen said 'take a deep breath and say I can do this!'

SJSM said...

I like how you use technology to work on your quilting projects. Even if I never wander in that area it is good to know in case I hear about it elsewhere. It also primes my mind to "see" possibilities when I am stumped on my own projects about possible solutions. Your quilt will be wonderful. You look for all contingencies in your planning and get as prepared as possible before you start.

I finished a dress for the Yosemite wine holiday event just in time. I experimented with stretch lining as outlined in the Threads magazine novel/dec issue. A plum pointe knit dress lined with 4 way stretch Lycra jersey. Shhh. The dress looks fitted but feels like secret pajamas!

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

I am so impressed with your use of such an ap. Love the quilting you have outlined...looks perfect to me. Beautiful quilting going on in your house! Happy Stitching from me!

Ramona said...

I'm glad you're taking the quilt by the horns and quilting this yourself. Your priests message was a good one for sure! I love the design you've drawn and have every confidence that it will be beautiful when you finish it. Happy Quilting!

Nann said...

I can't even comprehend how to draw using my iPad -- but it's cool to see how you're using it. The Christmas quilt is lovely -- and the second quilt is so lively!

chrisknits said...

Love your quilting plans on Jingle. This quilt will be stunning when done.

Laura said...

Your quilting plan looks great, if ambitious. Can't wait to see the finish!

And I love your bright quilt. No need to apologize for the color. It is beautiful!

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Rebecca! I love all the steps you've taken so far to work out the quilting design/pattern. Especially the iPad drawing idea. Those feathers in the triangles look SO cool. Is this piece for you or a gift or customer? Lots of work has gone into this quilt top so I can certainly understand all the prep and practice. It will be beyond lovely when you've got it finished, and I look forward to seeing it. Thanks for linking up today. ~smile~ Roseanne

Patty said...

Lovely quilt - Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.

What app do you use on your ipad for those quilt designs?