Thursday, April 15, 2021

Sesame Street Quilting With a Playful Floral Swirl E2E Design

Hello, hello, and happy Thursday!  Is it a "sunny day, sweeping the clouds away" where you live today?  If not, don't despair -- "I can tell you how to get, how to get to Sesame Street..."  

Seriously; by the time I finished quilting this one, I could NOT get the Sesame Street songs out of my head.  "C is for cookie, it's good enough for me. Cookie cookie cookie starts with C!"

4 inch Tumbler Quilt with Floral Swirl E2E Quilting Design

This is the second of two donation quilt tops that my mom pieced for me to quilt and donate to a local hospital pediatric patient, using the leftover Hibiscus Kona Solid background fabric from Lars's Mission Impossible graduation quilt (finished in 2019 and juried into QuiltCon Together 2021).  There was a ton of that Hibiscus purple fabric left over, and my mom kept me company in the studio while I was custom quilting Mission Impossible and she was using my AccuQuilt GO! cutter with the 4" tumbler die to cut up all of the leftover purple fabric into tumblers.  The print fabrics were pulled from my scrap bin and my stash, except for those fabulous Sesame Street prints -- I spotted those at a local quilt shop and they were a complete impulse buy.  I knew it would be great for The Charlotte Quilters Guild's Pediatric Outreach efforts.  

Floral Swirl E2E in Tabriz Orchid Glide Thread

This is a digital E2E (Edge-to-Edge) quilting design by Judi Madsen, a computerized version of one of her freehand designs called Floral Swirl.  I used Glide thread in Tabriz Orchid, which was about as dark as I could go in thread color without seeming to "scribble" across the Sesame Street characters' faces in the prints.  The high contrast between the pastel purple thread color and the deep, Hibiscus purple background fabric makes the quilting design really stand out, a similar effect to what this quilt would look like if the background fabric had a swirly print on it instead of being a solid.  For the purposes of this quilt, that was exactly what I wanted.  The dark purple fabric is difficult to capture accurately in photographs, but it's darker than it appears and hints towards eggplant rather than being a true grape purple.

Flimsy Prior to Quilting (Purple Background Fabric is Darker Than it Appears Here)

The lighter thread color and whimsy of the Floral Swirl quilting design helps to brighten up that purple background and ensures that the finished quilt is much more cheerful than sombre.  However, if we'd wanted the quilting to be more subtle on both the print fabrics as well as on the dark purple background, this would have been a great candidate for invisible monofilament thread.  (I know that some people have very strong opinions about monofilament thread, though, so I don't use it on charity quilts).

Tabriz Orchid Blends with Prints, Stands Out Against Dark Purple Solid

This is the first time I've used this particular design, and now that I've seen how it stitches out with zero backstitching, I'd love to try it in a heavier variegated thread like YLI cotton or Superior's King Tut.  In addition to quilts for babies and young children, this would look great on a quilt for a "'Tween" girl or even a high school graduate.

What About the Snuggle Factor?

Often when clients bring me quilts for babies and young children, they express concerns about whether "too much quilting" might result in a stiff quilt.  Actually, there are several factors that impact the stiffness of a finished quilt even more than quilting density, and the most common culprits causing a stiff finished quilt are the amount of piecing in the quilt top itself and the batting choice.  Since most quilt contemporary quilts for babies and children are lightly pieced from large fabric patches and/or panels, there's not much weight or stiffness in the tops to begin with and, as long as the batting isn't stiff, the finished quilt isn't going to be stiff, either. With quilts for young children, especially in a hospital setting, frequent laundering is inevitable.  Moderately dense machine quilting results in a soft but sturdy quilt that can stand up to wash and wear.

Approx. 46 x 57, Ready for Binding

So, what's next on my frame?  I have several beautiful client quilts scheduled for this week and next, each of them completely different and I am so excited about the designs we've selected for each of them.  I can't wait to share them with you!

Giverny Teleidoscope Update

Meanwhile, amazingly (to me and to everyone who knows me!), my younger son's high school graduation quilt "Giverny Teleidoscope" is still on schedule to be completed on time, -- without any stressful midnight sewing frenzies fueled by dangerous quantities of espresso!

Lime Green Ombre Backing Fabric, From My Stash

In the photo above, the top three rows of kaleidoscope blocks have their corners attached and have been seamed together into rows.  The next two rows, plus the first two blocks in the row below that, have had their corner triangles attached but are still individual blocks waiting to be sewn into rows.  The "hole" is the block that is currently at my sewing machine getting its corners sewn on.  And what you see draped over my ironing board in the foreground is 7+ yards of fabric that I'd purchased for something else and decided against using.  That's right, y'all -- I found backing fabric for this quilt IN MY STASH instead of going to the quilt shop to buy more fabric!  I decided to piece the backing from three widths of fabric with horizontal seams, since I had enough yardage to do it that way.  That will make the ombre striped effect run horizontally across the back of the quilt rather than vertically.  Also, do you see my machine embroidered label for this quilt, pinned way off to the right on my design wall?  I chose that solid lime green label fabric before I had any idea what I'd be using for backing, so I'm pretty sure this was all just meant to be. ;-). I've decided to use the navy background fabric for the binding, and I have plenty of that left, too, so there are no shopping trips needed to get this quilt across the finish line.  Woo-hoo!

Need Something Quilted In a Hurry?

FYI, I had blocked out extra time on my schedule in early May just in case I fell behind and needed to get caught up on my son's quilt.  Since I'm cruising along ahead of schedule with my kaleidoscope, I'm opening up a few more slots for E2E customer quilts.  My turnaround time is approximately 2 weeks, so if you or any of your quilting friends has a quilt top ready for quilting, I'd be honored to quilt for you!  Details and contact info for my quilting services can be found here.  ðŸ˜€. 

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Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting said...

I love that E2E!!! It adds such elegance and whimsy to your already fun quilt!!! Watch for it on one of my upcoming quilts!

O'Quilts said...

Both quilts are great. Color makes such a statement. Hibiscus purple!! Love it.

MissPat said...

Cute tumbler quilt and that quilting motif is wonderful. Early on I heard that you should never use invisible thread for kids quilts, although I don't really remember why. I just don't use since there are so many other choices available. Three cheers for being on schedule with your son's graduation quilt. It looks great and the lime green backings works.

Allison said...

The Sesame Street quilt is so cheerful. As you say the quilting pattern lifts the dark tumblers and I think gives the whole quilt a sense of joy! Ha! All those happy hours snuggled on the sofa watching Sesame Street with my children! :-)

grammajudyb said...

I love that tumbler quilt! Maybe it’s the Hibiscus purple, maybe it’s Cookie and Elmo. Either way it’s fabulous. And your son’s graduation quilt is stunning!

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

Such a cute Sesame Street quilt, someone will love that! Great panto choice!

Angela said...

What a vibrant and fun quilt!

Deb said...

Now I am singing sesame street songs ! Great quilt! And I just finished a kaleidoscope top too! Stay safe and sew on !

SJSM said...

Having your mother involved in one of your passions is to be cherished. It’s these types of bonds that allow you to find common moments. The support you give to each other makes love an active part of life and not an obligation or memory. Keep on stitching.

Preeti said...

The fabrics are so stinking cute...they are right up my alley :-) The playful theme is echoed in your curvaceous quilting and you do take the best pictures. Win Win Win!!!

Susan said...

Oh so cute!

Anonymous said...

The Sesame Street tumbler quilt is adorable!


Cheryll said...

Well now you've done it... I have that Sesame Street song in my
The quilt is absolutely gorgeous...and the quilting design perfect too.
I also love the colours in the next quilt too...
Such wonderful quilts to donate... xox said...

The E2E quilting on the tumbler quilt is perfect! The Sesame Street fabric is so cute in the top. Well done on being on track with the kailediscope quilt and having the backing in your stash. . .well, that is serendipity at its best!

Gwyned Trefethen said...

Great advice on how to choose thread and quilting density when the hand and drape of a quilt is a consideration.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

I LOVE sesame Street!!! When the boys all got old enough to go to school I think that was the saddest moment... no one to watch sesame street with me!

Bonnie said...

Sesame Street is too darn cute. First up -- I'm carefully perusing the top and how your mom chose to sew the tumblers together. Must remember that. I would like to add another factor regarding making quilts stiff. Some fabrics, especially navy blue and dark deep purple, take dye differently then say, light blue and then the fabric itself can be stiffer. How do I know? I bought two pieces of the same backing the light blue was wonderful, the dark navy is stiff. I mean really stiff. I plan to use a section of this wide back fabric for a table runner. I also plan to throw the rest of the yardage back into the washer in hopes it will become better. My take away on this? If I hadn't happen to buy both colors of fabric at the same time I would have forever condemn that manufacturer from my shopping list. Now I'll be more careful with what colors I choose. Live and learn!

Frédérique - Quilting Patchwork Appliqué said...

Sesame Street est adorable ! Les tissus, et le quilting sont très beaux. Et bravo pour terminer à temps le quilt kaleidoscope ;))

Andree G. Faubert said...

Hi Rebecca, what a lovely quilt. It really is a beauty and I'm sure will be greatly appreciated. The fabrics are so cute. Good for you for being on time for your son's graduation quilt. Enjoy the low stress time :-) Thanks for linking up to Free Motion Mavericks and take care.

AnnieO said...

Darling Sesame Street quilt. I have that tumbler die and every once in a while I cut up a bunch of scraps. Love the purple solid with it. Your quilting looks terrific.

Sherrie said...

Awesome Sesame Street the deep purple
fabric, it makes the other colors pop. Have a great day!

Jennifer Fulton Inquiring Quilter said...

Kudos for staying on target for your son's quilt! Must feel so good. Meanwhile, that charity quilt is gorgeous! Some very lucky child is going to fall in love with it. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

dq said...

Ooh - love the ombre backing in the lime green! It will be so pretty quilted up.