Thursday, September 14, 2023

Cheryl's Modern Double Wedding Ring Quilt, Final Reveal

Good morning, quilters!  I need to stop giving "sneak peeks" of customer quilts on the blog because I keep forgetting to follow up and show you the whole thing once the quilt has been delivered to its owner.  Take this stunning modern Double Wedding Ring quilt made by my client Cheryl -- I couldn't resist including a teaser close up shot of the quilting back in July, but then I never got around to showing you the whole thing.  Well, here it is in all of its magnificence and glory!

Cheryl's 98 x 122 Modern Double Wedding Ring Quilt, Pattern by Tara Faughnan

I actually can't show you a photo of the entire quilt, because it was too large for me to get the whole thing in the camera frame.  This king size quilt measured a whopping 98" x 122" -- that was a LOT of curved piecing, y'all, and Cheryl did a fantastic job.  She used Tara Faughnan's Double Wedding Ring pattern and Cherrywood hand dyed solid fabrics.  (This post contains affiliate links). 

Detail of Roller Coaster Ties Quilting in YLI 40 Tex Cotton Variegated Pastels

Sometimes the perfect quilting design is really simple, like this Roller Coaster Ties design.  It's a similar effect to the "just-straight-lines" quilting that we see on so many modern quilts, but that subtle wavy movement is a wonderful complement to the curved piecing and I love the way the quilting moves the viewer's eye across the surface of the quilt without upstaging the piecing design.

Modern Double Wedding Ring with Roller Coaster Ties Quilting

We used one of my favorite battings for this bed quilt, Hobbs Tuscany 80/20 Cotton/Wool blend.  What's so great about the cotton/wool blend?  Similar to the more familiar 80/20 cotton/poly blend battings, the addition of wool makes for a warmer batting that resists permanent creasing along fold lines, compared to 100% cotton batting.  The 80/20 blends have a little more loft and airiness to them versus dense all-cotton batting.  However, unlike polyester, the addition of natural wool fibers adds warmth that is still breathable and has a softer and more luxurious drape.  There's a bit more loft and dimension to the quilting texture when I use the 80/20 cotton wool batting instead of 100% cotton or cotton/poly, but it still looks and feels like what most quilters expect a quilt to look and feel like.  I also stock and enjoy quilting with 100% wool batting, but that batting has a much higher loft and a nearly weightless quality that can result in more of a comforter feel (depending on how heavily pieced the quilt top is and how densely we quilt it).  The cotton/wool batting is wonderful to sleep under and it's great for cool weather throw quilts as well.  I love having so many different options for battings, threads, and quilting designs!

Detail of Roller Coaster Ties on Modern Double Wedding Ring

And here are the "Before Quilting" photos:

Checked In and Headed for Quilt Purgatory

Cheryl shipped her Double Wedding Ring quilt to me all the way from Minnesota.  I wish I got a better picture of her backing fabric, which I loved!  As soon as I receive a quilt from a client, whether it's shipped to me or dropped off in person, the first thing I do is double check the measurements, hang it neatly on a heavy duty drapery hanger, and label it with a detailed work order identifying whose quilt it is, whether it has a deadline, which quilting design, batting, and thread have been selected, and any other notes.  Then I slip a plastic dry cleaning bag over the hanger (to prevent the possibility of laundry fragrances, pet fur or stray threads from transferring from one client's quilt onto the one hanging next to it), and the quilt goes into the Quilt Purgatory closet in my office to await its turn for quilting.  

Cheryl's Quilt Top Before Quilting

Thank you so much for choosing me to quilt this for you, Cheryl!  Cheryl shipped her quilt from Minnesota all the way to North Carolina, a distance of more than 900 miles, so I could quilt it for her.  I know there are plenty of other longarm quilters who would have been closer and more convenient, and I am truly honored and humbled whenever faraway quilters choose to go out of their way to collaborate with me for their quilting.  ðŸ’•. I appreciate you!!

PSST!!  I'd Love to Quilt for YOU!

By the way, if you or any of your quilty friends has a quilt top or two that needs quilting, I'd be delighted to quilt for you!  I am currently scheduling quilts for completion in early November of 2023.  Click here to learn how easy it is to book a quilt with me!

Meanwhile, I have another client's beautiful bear paw quilt waiting to be loaded for quilting today.  I'll be quilting one of Karlee Porter's dramatic graffiti quilting designs in shimmering blue and purple variegated Fantastico thread...  I can't wait to see the magic happen when the stitches start going into this quilt!  I'm linking up today's post with my favorite linky parties, listed below.  Happy quilting!


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Gretchen Weaver said...

It's beautiful! I love the use of solid fabrics! And as usual, your quilting is perfect!

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Very striking! Love the quilting design, just a bit "more" than simple straight lines!

Susan said...

Awesome quilt! And how much depth has been added with your beautiful quilting!

Debbie Cook said...

Beautiful! That quilting pattern is perfect for this!

Janita said...

I agree the quilting pattern chosen for this beautiful quilt was perfect.

Ramona said...

This is a beautiful quilt. You are right... the quilting design moves the eye across the quilt, but does not detract from it. Great finish!

Brenda @ Songbird Designs said...

This is a fantastic quilt and I love the Roller Coaster Ties design you used with it!

Sandy said...

Lovely, as always, Rebecca Grace! I like the combination of the curved piecing with your quilting -- straight lines for contrast, but undulating to accent the movement of the curves. :)

Nanette Chopin Cook said...

I would have loved to read about the quilt but you know me and geo fabrics. Have a great weekend said...

What a stunning finish! The quilting design is PERFECT!

LA Paylor said...

like the roller coaster design a lot... and basically white thread. I have a very colorful quilt I'd love to do simple quilting on, and am stuck. What to do? I like the idea of overall pattern, but thought a busy quilt top might fight with one color quilting thread even variegated.
I'm ready to start and hit the brakes picking a design

Kathleen said...

This is fabulous. That roller coaster quilting design is just perfect. It really is such a gorgeous quilt, made even more gorgeous by your work. Have you washed the 80/20 cotton/wool....dried? Just curious. I was lucky enough to win one and will use it for a quilt for our bed, I think it requires more care than a regular I don't "give" those batts away.

Pat at Bell Creek Quilts said...

Roller Coaster is perfect for this quilt!

Rebecca Grace said...

Thanks, Kathleen. The biggest caveat with any wool batting is avoiding heat. It's the same care instructions as other battings -- machine wash gentle in cold water with tumble dry low/no heat or air dry recommended. I agree with you that a cotton or cotton/poly blend batting can probably withstand abusive laundering practices better. The worst thing you can do to wool batting is apply heat, because the best quality wool and wool blend quilt battings will have resin bonded fibers (to prevent that awful bearding of loose wool fibers through the finished quilt) and if someone tries to iron a quilt with resin-bonded wool or wool blend batting in it, that can permanently flatten the loft of the batting. Similar disasters may occur if overdried in a hot clothes dryer. I would only gift a wool or wool blend batted quilt to someone I trusted to follow the care instructions -- definitely not something I'd use or recommend for a baby quilt!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Definitely with you on the build up to a completed quilt and then getting that WAIT! What just happened here? feeling in the aftermath. Congratulations, Rebecca! Would it help that I'm doing a happy dance for you? :o))

Marsha Cooper said...

A very unique double wedding ring indeed.

Jennifer Fulton Inquiring Quilter said...

How wonderful of her to choose you for her quilt! This is lovely, and of course you picked the best quilting motif for it. Thanks for sharing on my weekly show and tell, Wednesday Wait Loss.

Frédérique - Quilting Patchwork Appliqué said...

This quilting design is really the perfect choice for this huge and pretty quilt!
Sorry, I'm way behind visiting your blog, thank you for sharing your work, and linking up!

Chris said...

The quilt is gorgeous, your quilting really iced it! But the real reason I'm writing is the second part on your DYI mastery class! My longtime friend (since kindergarten!) and I just decided not to buy new machine but to really get to know and use all the bells and whistles on the ones we have. So I searched the mastery books out and will begin! An aside: what kind of fabric to you buy to use for the fancy stitching that is firm? Thanks for always inspiring me! (Oh, and another aside, when I need a chuckle, I reread you post from back in the day when your coffee machine had open heart surgery!)

Bernie Kringel said...

Yikes - using such bold solid colors created a masterful quilt. Then your quilting motif - the icing on the cake, so to speak!
Well done. :-)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful quilt! The parallel lines are perfect to set off the curves. Wonderful! —. Nann