Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hesitation, Procrastination, & a Handful of Excuses: I'm FIXING to Start That Pettiskirt Project!

WELL... As you can see, the Princess Pettiskirt pattern has arrived from Kari Me Away, and I have also received the turquoise nylon chiffon from AFC Express, the 1 1/2" single face satin ribbon in Shocking Pink and the 32 mm carnation ribbon rosettes in Shocking Pink, both from M&J Trimming, and the turquoise polyester crepe back satin and 1" non-roll elastic have both come in from Fabric.com.  I have plenty of thread in this color (at least I'm pretty sure I have enough) because this was the color of the bridesmaids' dresses for Janice the Manice's wedding.  So I have everything I need for this project, and it has all been neatly stacked in my sewing room for about a week and a half now -- what's my excuse?

I did at least open the pattern envelope and glance through the instructions.  They include what seem to be pretty detailed information about gathering with ruffler feet, which is a good thing.  Here's a picture of my Bernina Ruffler Foot #86, in case you're not familiar with these contraptions. Intimidating, isn't it? Although I've owned a ruffler footsie for my sewbaby for several years (ever since I tried it out in mastery classes), the only project I've used it on so far was the ruffled ribbon inserted in the edge of Princess Petunia's baby quilt, and I seem to recall that there was some struggle and swearing involved in the process.  I'm sure that, as with all sewing techniques, there's a learning curve associated with the ruffler foot, so hopefully some of these tips and tricks will make the ruffling go more smoothly for me this time.  Because there is A LOT of ruffling to be done on this pettiskirt...

Well, I've been busy working on several design projects for clients, and then I was sick, and then there was Father's Day (which included a water gun war that ended with a head laceration requiring a trip to Urgent Care and two staples), and then there was that day that I realized the house was filthy and went on a crazed cleaning spree, so those are my excuses.  Today I've got some paperwork to attack here in my office, laundry, grocery shopping, and a doctor appointment later this afternoon for the little Walking Wounded One, so I don't forsee lots of free time for sewing.  However, the great thing about having a dedicated sewing room is that I don't have to waste any time putting projects away or taking them out again, and even 10 minutes a day adds up to eventually completing a project.

Sometimes I think the hardest part of any project is just getting started, so my plan for today is to bring the pattern instructions with me to read while I wait in the carpool line this afternoon to pick up the boys from Camp Invention.  Then tonight, after the kids are asleep and the lunches are packed for tomorrow, I hope to at least get started cutting the chiffon into all those long strips.  Maybe tomorrow afternoon after my hair appointment I can find some time to get my sewbaby set up with the right needle and thread and do some practice to get comfortable with my ruffler foot before tackling the actual project.  I have a meeting with a client on Thursday morning and then Bernie and I are headed to Charleston and/or Pawley's Island on Friday for a quick weekend getaway without the kids (thank you, Grammy and Grampa, for your babysitting hospitality).  Then I have a client's drapery installation scheduled for midweek once we get back, but other than that my schedule is still pretty open next week so I'm hoping to find some good blocks of time to work on the pettiskirt.  One day at a time!


Ivory Spring said...

Rebecca Grace,

That blue is beautiful - can't wait to see the finished skirt! :)

Thanks for your kind words on my maple leaf quilt. I have had the greatest time putting it together. :)

Karena said...

Oh it will be so adorable. Also love the Vera Wang Sandals below!

I hope you will join my designer Giveaway from Pillow Mint!

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