Friday, June 11, 2010

Woe is Me: Skip this if you aren't in the mood for my self-pity

It's 84° and sunny today in Charlotte, North Carolina.  It's the kids' first day of summer vacation, the neighborhood pool is open -- and I am feeling very out of sync with this beautiful day because I have a nasty out-of-season cold.  My throat hurts, I can barely speak, and I'm coughing up yucky yellow slimey stuff.  The injustice of it all!  This isn't January; it's the middle of JUNE!

 Fortunately for you, I am NOT going to give you a high-resolution, close-up shot of the yucky yellow slimey stuff, because that would be really gross.  However, I'm not done complaining yet, either.  I feel like an overweight golden retriever is sitting on my chest and won't get off.  I'm exhausted even though I got plenty of sleep last night.  I took Alka Seltzer Cold Plus medicine about an hour ago, which has helped me ignore previous bouts of snuffly boogeritis much more than it is helping me today.  I even resorted to chicken noodle soup for lunch, and I hate chicken noodle soup!  But none of it is helping; I still feel terrible.  Did I mention the sensation that my head is stuffed with sawdust, which is creating uncomfortable pressure and causing everything to sound weirdly muffled? 

As a matter of fact, today I feel as lousy as my office looks:

Depressing, isn't it?  This photo doesn't even do my mess justice, because my desk is hiding all of the piles of paperwork and memo samples stacked on the floor around my chair.  I have to leap over the piles to get to my chair, which is difficult to do with an 80-lb. golden retriever sitting on my chest and my ears packed with sawdust.   

While I'm on this Positive Attitude kick, let me also share that I'm out of skim milk so I can't make a latte, my shoulder and my back hurt, and my nose is sore.  I'm pretty sure a pimple is brewing below the surface near my right eyebrow.  And, despite how grouchy and miserable I'm feeling, I can't lie down and rest all day because I have work to get done on two different clients' projects, so I have to go feel miserable in my pigsty of an office at least until that's done.


Unknown said...

I hope you feel better soon... Sorry I wasn't home to help with the boys.

Susan said...

You need a neti pot. Apparently, they provide INSTANT relief for the symptoms you are describing. Well, except for maybe the state of your office.....

Hope you feel better!

Unknown said...

I hope your feeling better now. Look forward to reading more from you soon.

baby cribs said...

I hope you are now doing fine! Everybody get through that situation!