Monday, June 21, 2010


First of all, thank you for the kind comments of sympathy during my bout of boogeritis.  I investigated the neti pot option Susan suggested, but by that time the boogers were more in my chest and throat than in my nose, plus the whole idea of nasal irrigation freaked me out a bit.  What if I do it wrong and accidentally flush my brains out through my nose, like the ancient Egyptians did during mummification?  I'm too young to be a mummy!!

So I opted for some good, old-fashioned shopping therapy instead.  Nordstrom Summer Shoe Sale to the rescue!  My husband and children even came shopping with me this weekend, and with a little help from our Nintendo DSi games, a good time was had by all and I actually accomplished all of my shopping missions.

Last summer I practically lived in a pair of dark brown beaded flip-flop sandals because they were so comfortable and easy to slip into or kick off at the back door, but last year's sandals have seen better days.  To replace them, I bought this cute pair of Think! "Julia" sandals in Espresso.  Right out of the box, they are as comfortable as a pair of Birkenstocks but much cuter:

...and I got this pair of Vera Wang Lavendar "Diane" sandals in Black leather, also unbelievably comfortable.  I've never had casual sandals made from such supple leather before:

You can't really see them in that picture, so here they are with my feet in them.  Notice my fabulous shimmery plum pedicure, courtesy of the spa gift certificate my menfolk gifted me with on Mother's Day:

Now that I had my practical, everyday, running-errands-and-getting-the-kids-to-summer-camp shoes squared away, I was able to get some dressier sandals.  These "Ibiza" sandals from Via Spiga are unbelievably comfortable considering their 5" platform heels, and they are going to look great with skirts, dresses, and other professional outfits for days when I have to impersonate a grownup to meet with clients or sales reps.  I wore them to church yesterday and then to the Fresh Market to pick up some produce for Father's Day dinner, and I had so much fun looking down at the tops of all the short people's heads:

And now, brace yourselves, for I have saved the very best for last.  Allow me to introduce you to my new date night shoes, the studded leather "Clyde 2" platform sandals from Vera Wang Lavendar:

Although I'm not about to wear them when I need to chase after my kids, these really are very comfortable shoes.  Again it's a 5" platform heel, which, if you have never tried them, feels like instantly losing 10 pounds and transforming yourself into a supermodel.  The only thing that feels better than that is knowing that I got all these shoes for less than half price.  Boogers are no match for sale day at Nordstrom!  I'm feeling better already.

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