Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lars and Anders On Location at Lowe's Home Improvement Store

We're trying to cut back on screen time for the kids this summer, yet shopping trips continue to be a challenge for them.  By the time we leave a store, every employee and customer in the joint knows my kids' names and is glad to see us leave.  Ahem.  So in the past, I've brought the Nintendo DSi game systems to keep them calm and out of mischief, but like I said, I'm trying to cut back on that, so we tried something different when we went on a family shopping trip to Lowe's Home Improvement store yesterday.  I let Lars bring his little Lego digital camera that he got for Christmas last year.  It looks like it's made of Legos, and you can customize it by adding additional Lego bricks, but it's an actual working digital camera with a flash and everything.  So Anders mugged for the camera while Lars played photographer.  I uploaded Lars's pictures after we got home and thought I'd share a few of the highlights -- I know his Opa will get a kick out of his grandson's budding interest in taking pictures of EVERYTHING!  All of these pictures were taken by Lars using the Lego camera.  Here's Anders doing a Batman impersonation outside the store:

Next we have Anders trying out a John Deere tractor, because it is green:

And of course then Lars asked Anders to take his picture sitting on the Husqvarna tractor, because it is orange:

Next we have Anders shopping for power tools.  That red "Z" on his forehead was self-inflicted with a red ink pen, and is supposed to be a Harry Potter scar.

And now, Anders/Batman being a tough guy in the gardening aisle:

Unfortunately, all of this good clean fun devolved into raucous bathroom humor and inappropriate photos when we got to the toilet displays in the bath fixtures section of the store.  I had to confiscate the camera at that point, so I'm not sure I'll be bringing it with us the next time we head out shopping.


Janice the Manice said...

James and I LOVE the lego camera and it has been added to his Christmas wish list: yes, his letter to Santa is already partially written even though it is mid July but on to the important stuff. James is quite concerned that Anders is without a Batman mask and tool belt. Does he possess these items already and just didn't feel like accessorizing on this particular outing or do we know to get him for his upcoming birthday?
Oh, I have also just promised that James can go to the store in his Batman get up, too.

Rebecca Grace said...

Susan gave Anders the whole Batman costume for Christmas or for his birthday awhile ago, one of his all-time favorite gifts. He loves the cape most of all, and wears it almost every day. He does have the mask and tool belt upstairs in the toyroom. James is a sweetie to be concerned about the whereabouts of his cousin's bat accessories! Anders has started a birthday wish list on Amazon, he has a book list and a separate "7th birthday" list.

Glad James will be out keeping the shops of New Jersey safe from the likes of Joker and Penguin. :-)

Fred and/or Marlies said...

You know you are making me buy ink again for the printer, don't you? Mom insists on me printing everything a certain Rebecca creates. All these pictures which tell a thousand words ...

I guess it'll be time for a better camera soon enough. Even though, these shots are great.

Rebecca Grace said...

@Dad #2: An iPad for Mom would save you hundreds of ink cartridges...

Ivory Spring said...

What a cute post! That Lego digital camera is way cool!

Fred and/or Marlies said...

An Ipad for Mom? We went shopping for one but it turned out to be an Apple centric tool that just doesn't do enough for us regular PC folk. If they had Flash we could actually look at pictures but without,,, it's just a toy for the groupies.

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