Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tree Number Three: The Manly Outdoor Freeze-Your-Butt-Off On the Screen Porch Tree

Now, you might be thinking it's mean of me to put Bernie's tree outside in the cold.  However, when we were house-hunting, a screen porch was at the top of Bernie's wish list.  It's his favorite place in the whole house, where he likes to sit and drink his coffee in all kinds of weather, so it's actually the perfect place for his little tree.  It has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that I hate that tree topper with a passion and have tried unsuccessfully, year after year, to "accidentally" have it get mixed in with the giftwrap trash.

Actually, although I didn't want it on my bird tree or on the sugarplum kiddie tree, it works pretty well with the ornaments on this tree.  We have skiers, tool belts, fishing lures, basketballs wearing santa hats, and motorcycles on this tree.  This year I added the red balls and the red, green, and gold garland to unify the tree a bit, with the pleasant side effect of making the star topper look better.

Don't you just love the fish in the icebox ornament?  You can't put an ornament like that on just any old tree. 

The only thing still lacking for this tree is a skirt to cover up the metal stand.  I haven't seen one I like yet, and it really ought to be made of outdoor fabric so it doesn't get mouffy.  I am tempted to make one myself now that there are so many choices beyond basic Sunbrella canvas (Pindler & Pindler has some gorgeous outdoor chenille fabrics that I used for a client's custom dog bed cover once), but the only work I'm going to get done in my sewing room for the next couple of weeks will involve giftwrap, scissors, Scotch tape and stick-on bows! 

In fact, I'd better head up there right now and see how much wrapping I can accomplish before I have to get ready for our church Christmas concert tonight.  Wish me luck!


Ivory Spring said...

Hi Rebecca,

Enjoyed all your tree posts! They are all lovely.

fred said...

Now THATS a tree, red balls and all.