Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Spirit Song Challenge: Can I Turn Easter Eggs Into a Pumpkin Spiced Latte for Thanksgiving? Also, I Have Nothing to Wear to Church This Sunday.

It has been awhile since I've had the luxury of sewing for relaxation, for myself, without any deadlines or external demands.  You guys -- this is so much FUN!  I snuck back up to my studio after dinner last night, thinking I'd just putter around for 30 minutes or so, and before I knew it, it was after eleven.  

These are all 4" Birds In the Air blocks right now, nothing is joined together.  I'm still deciding if I like the mix, adding in new fabrics, and rearranging the blocks on the wall.  Although this is a scrappy quilt, I suppose it's kind of a color study, exploring the possibilities of the Pink/Peach/Coral/Orange dress code palette.  By the way, this is my church choir's dress code again for this Sunday morning, November 24th, and we are still in the icy clutches of a cold snap.  Pink, peach, and coral with khaki is so much easier to find in spring and summer clothing than it is for fall and winter.  Where am I supposed to find something in these Easter egg colors that is WARM?!  Maybe that's why I'm mixing in the deeper caramels and butterscotch hues here and there, to tweak this spring color palette to better suit the week before Thanksgiving.  This is quilting alchemy at its finest, folks.  I'm trying to turn Easter eggs into a pumpkin spiced latte.

Completed Blocks as of Late Last Night
I planned the mix of colors and prints I wanted to use in a very rough, approximate way in EQ8 before I started cutting fabric, but I was choosing from random fabric images in the software that I may or may not have in my actual stash, just to get an idea of the look I'm going for.  So, as I'm choosing my fabrics and evaluating what I see on the wall in front of me, I keep referring back to this 8" x 10" image of my quilt design that I printed out from EQ:

Software-Generated Design
Somehow, a fair amount of purple snuck into my EQ8 design, likely pink prints that had enough blue or purple in them to read purplish from a distance.  Normally I wouldn't think of putting these lavender shades in a quilt that was predominantly pumpkin, caramel, orange and pink, but it adds some interesting sparkle, don't you think?  

I've made a glorious mess of my studio, pulling out all of these different fabrics and putting nothing away, but I might take a break from this to make another block for Anders' sampler quilt, or to load something up on the longarm machine.

If any of you has seen a pink/peach/coral sweater or sweater dress in a chain store recently, please let me know in the comments.  I have no idea what I'm wearing to church this Sunday!

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Frédérique - Quilting Patchwork Appliqué said...

Pretty layout, and color mix!

Ramona said...

I haven't been clothes shopping, so I'm no help there, but I love where this design is going. Adding the caramel and pumpkin to the mix was a great idea. Who knows... purple may kick it up a notch. Maybe more of an eggplant purple?

momto1 said...

I love what I’m seeing on your design wall. Those colors are really exciting to me this fall, especially with the various shades of blue. Can’t say I love the purples, but maybe because I don’t work with them much. I’m sure it will be beautiful, no matter what.

Just had to comment this time, because I usually read your posts and don’t comment, but I do appreciate your taking the time to write for us all, and I thoroughly enjoyed the trip through your son’s quilt, as well as Your comments on the class you took recently. I find your posts to be very educational, and sometimes quite thought-provoking. Thank you for taking the time to blog!

chrisknits said...

I think the purple is perfect! And I much prefer pumpkin to Easter eggs!

Susan said...

So wish I could help with the eggs to pumpkin spice latte, but at least the quilt looks great!

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

Love the quilt layout from a single simple block. It's very dynamic arrangement.. The color scheme is so pretty too . . . especially for fall.

Denise said...

This is so pretty.