Thursday, August 5, 2021

Bring On the King-Size Quilts: My Q-Matic is Finally Here!

Today's big news is that my Q-Matics computer robotics that has been backordered since May finally came in and was installed on my machine yesterday!

Q-Matic Computer is Here, Up and Running on My 13' Long Arm

Now I can finally get to the Queen size quilts in my queue whose makers have been waiting so patiently.  I can now quilt anything up to 120" on my 13' Big Girl frame (Bernina calls it the Large frame, but I am calling it my Big Girl Frame after being restricted to the dinky little 8' frame at the Bernina store that couldn't handle anything bigger than a Twin).  Not only can I get caught up with larger customer quilts now, but I'm finally going to quilt my enormous 120" x 120" California King pineapple log cabin quilt -- if I can only make up my mind about how to quilt it!

It took my dealer about 5 hours to install my Q-Matic, and I managed to piece two more blocks for my Retro '80s Building Blocks sampler quilt while he was working in my studio.

Progress on my Sampler Quilt Project

Since my Featherweight was still set up from the LeMoyne star blocks I made last week, I chose two more blocks containing Y-seams (in the original Moda Modern Building Blocks quilt, these were made with flying geese units, but I redrafted them to have fewer seams).

Another 10 inch Sampler Block Completed

I used EQ8 quilt design software to print card stock templates, marked the seam intersections with my tiny 1/16" hole punch, and then transferred those marks to my fabric patches with a twist of my Bohin Extra Fine Mechanical Chalk Pencil to make a precise, tiny dot where I needed to stop and start my machine stitching.

Card Stock Templates for Fiddly Y-Seam Block

When I print these templates in EQ8, I have them print with seam allowances and the seam lines marked on the templates so I can clearly see those corners where the stitching lines meet up.  I also lay out my templates the way they will be in the finished block to determine which way the fabric grain should go on each patch and mark that on the template before cutting.  When I actually cut my fabric patches with these templates, I put a couple pieces of double stick tape on the back of the template so it doesn't slip while I'm cutting, and I use my rotary cutter and ruler to get nice, straight cuts an exact quarter inch from the seam lines before transferring those little dots to each fabric patch.  It's slow and it's fiddly, but the results are so worth it (to me, anyway!).

5 inch Sampler Block Completed

That little yellow dot marks the spot where I'll stop stitching and take a few stitches in reverse to secure the seam:

Sewing Y-Seams on my 1935 Featherweight

These little blocks just make me happy.

Finished 5 inch Block Finds its Place On the Design Wall

Well, I'm off to load up a beautiful Queen size quilt on my long arm that I'm looking forward to sharing with you soon.  ðŸ˜Š. I'm linking up today's post with the following linky parties:

PSST!!  I'd Love to Quilt for YOU!

By the way, if you or any of your quilty friends has a quilt top or two that needs quilting, I'd be delighted to quilt for you!  My turnaround for edge-to-edge quilting is currently running about 2-3 weeks, and you can click here to find out how to book your quilt with me.

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I bet you are so happy to be back to doing your quilting on your machine! looking forward to seeing the first quilt on it

Frédérique - Quilting Patchwork Appliqué said...

Yeah!! I'm so happy for you! Quelle bonne nouvelle !
Ces nouveaux blocs sont très réussis, bravo ! said...

How exciting!! I too am excited to see what you will create first on your new set up! Your pieced blocks are beautiful!The flying geese block spoke to my heart!

Sandy said...

Congratulations, Rebecca Grace! I'm so glad you finally have the setup you've been waiting for. Beautiful blocks, too. :)

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

Great news, the larger frame will be a joy to use!

LA Paylor said...

what a nice thing, to have that installed. You have such a big studio!

MissPat said...

Well, there's no holding you back now. Looking forward to seeing more of your precise and detailed quilting.

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

The link is not working. Beautiful machine.

Ramona said...

I cannot wait to see your gigantic log cabin quilt quilted. You will decide on something amazing and beautiful, for sure. Have fun with your new toy!!

Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting said...

Congrats, Rebecca!!! You'll be going to king-size quilt town now! So happy for you!

Anne-Marie said...

Yay! Finally. And outstanding piecing too. :)

Preeti said...

Those point are so darn perfect...they hurt my eyes :-D Congratulations on your new baby - 13' WOW!!!

Gwyned Trefethen said...

Your workmanship is impeccable. The results prove it. Now that Q-matic is installed I look forward to seeing what over the top quilting you will do on the star quilt.

Andree G. Faubert said...

Hi Rebecca, congrats on finally getting your big girl! I'm sure that it will be wonderful quilting with her. Come on over to Free Motion Mavericks - it's pretty quiet there so far :-) Take care.

Carol Andrews said...

Hurray for backlogged shipments arriving. Have fun with your big girl! 😉

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Congratulations!!! Its looks great!

Anonymous said...

Your posts are very interesting. I've learned a lot from this one post. I look forward to keeping up with you.